9-1-1 May Be Losing Another Major Character In Season 5, But Will It Stick?

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We have spoilers in store for the finale of Season 5 of 9-1-1 on Fox. The episode is called "Wrapped with Red".

While the first half of season five ended with a finale for 9-1-1, it didn't leave viewers on a high note but provided a surprising twist that might change everything in 2022. In the fall finale of Wrapped with Red, Eddie faced a dilemma in episode 2021. Eddie decided to leave The 118. There is a reason for that decision that can't be ignored. Still, though – will it stick for such a major character to leave in a season that has already said goodbye to two others?

Season 5's second half has not yet been given a premiere date. This means that fans may have to wait a while to get a glimpse of what happened and whether Ryan Guzman will be leaving the show. We'll be looking at the events to give you a glimpse of what might happen next.

Eddie in the Fall Finale: The Story

Eddie struggled in Wrapped in Red with Christopher. It wasn't because his garland stringing skills were not up to par for his son, or that he spilled hot coco on the ginger bread house. Christopher was terrified that his father would also die in a nightmare. After waking up, Eddie told Carla that although his job was vital, it wasn't more important than his son ..

Eddie will he stick with his decision?

Eddie wasn't going to give up his hazardous job to make a move for his family. It's difficult to argue that prioritizing the son's welfare was a bad decision. Christopher's breakup with Ana meant that Ana was no longer his mother. Eddie's decision to name Buck as his guardian should he die, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Christopher will have to suffer the ..

I thought that Eddie might just change from being a firefighter into a paramedic when it became obvious that he was contemplating whether or not he wanted to stay in the dangerous job that was threatening his son's life. Sure, Hen and Chimney have gotten in plenty of sticky situations that could have cost them their lives over the years, but they're not racing into danger quite like the firefighters – particularly Eddie and Buck – do. It would have been convenient to keep Eddie on the show. However, Eddie's statement about leaving the 118 suggests that he doesn't want the LAFD life ..

If this is 9-1-1's attempt to exonerate Ryan Guzman, then I think Eddie will be back in the same crew as before the end. He'd be hard pressed to continue to play a key role without working alongside first responders. And I don't see him as being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Eddie may have been fired from the LAFD quickly, and it is hard to believe that he didn't find another job. It seems that he had no intention of actually leaving LA. It is possible that he might require a source !of income.

He leaving the 118 is unlikely, all things being equal. Much will likely depend on Bobby finding someone to replace Eddie and whether or not there are time jumps. Eddie's spot in the old show has some options. But then again, it was my impression that 9-1-1 was setting Maddie up for return before 2021 ended, so fans might be able to expect the unexpected while they wait for the return of the show. Sadly, no confirmation date has been set .

9-1-1 follows its normal pattern when it airs new seasons in the fall. The second half of season 2 will start sometime in March, after the 9-1-1: Lone Star ends its season at 8 p.m. ET slot Mondays on Fox. To see the 2022 winter/spring premiere schedule ., and to find out when it will air again, visit our website.


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