ABC’s ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Coming to Netflix in April 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-10-06 15:24:04

Netflix is not a common place to find network shows. Most providers prefer to host their content on their platform. That won’t be the case for the ABC rom-com The Baker and the Beauty which is coming to Netflix in the US in mid-April 2021.

Based on an Israeli series of the same name, this show was broadcast on ABC in April 2013. It is now distributed by NBCUniversal Television in the United States.

The Baker and the Beauty starred Victor Rasuk, Victor Rasuk, Dan Bucatinsky and David Del Río. As you’d expect from the title, the show which often breaks out into musical numbers is about a blue-collar baker who sparks a relationship with an international superstar.

It’s well-loved with a 7.3 on IMDb and a big fanbase on social media.

As part of the April 2021 Netflix lineup, all of the season 1 episodes of The Baker and the Beauty are scheduled to be available on Netflix. Other regions aren’t expected to stream the show at this time.

The episodes last between 40-43 minutes each and run for nine episodes in total.

The bad news for any fans of the show however is that it won’t be returning for a season 2. Back in June 2020, the show was canceled by ABC after only a single season but it didn’t give a specific reason why.

Although it may be a revival hope, the odds are slim. Actors option contracts and COVID-19 could also play a part. It’s not impossible, however, that Netflix could give the show a second as it’s certainly lacking in this genre (that’s not aimed at teens anyway).

Ultimately, if a decision is made it’ll be based upon how many people start the show and how many get to the end.

Are you going to be watching The Baker and the Beauty on Netflix when it launches later this month? Comment below to let us know.


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