About that ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Teaser Trailer…

Review Ethan / 2023-05-02 10:32:52

Confusing news out of Netflix HQ today as the teaser trailer which was posted yesterday has now been disowned by Netflix stating ‘This was not released from Netflix and not anything official,’.

It was bad news for everyone as hundreds of thousands of people took to YouTube and other social media platforms declaring their love for the trailer. The teaser seemed to have captured every detail of the book, something that the movie did not do in the past.

Further research on the video’s origins reveals the video was uploaded by a YouTuber who created their account on the second of June with the account name of Eleanora Poe, which die-hard readers of the books will know to be the editor-in-chief of the newspaper within the universe whose reputation is known for them getting things wrong in their articles. Name of publication is The Daily Punctilio.

It doesn’t end there however as speculation has been rampant on forums with exchanges that this could just be some elaborate viral marketing campaign by Netflix who outsourced the project to an external team meaning their PR teams could disown the video. The video was posted under the same person.

To be honest we’re not sure, it wouldn’t be the first time a company has used these type of tactics to gain hype surrounding an upcoming release and to be clear, the TV series is definitely happening however no official date is known.

We know that the hype has reached overdrive due to all this controversy. If it's a fan-made trailer then the creators need to contact the person responsible fast.


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