‘Alchemy of Souls’ K-Drama Season 1: Coming to Netflix in June 2022

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Although spring has just begun, we are already looking forward to the Summer K-dramas. One such drama we’re excited for the release of is the period drama Alchemy of Souls (also titled 환혼) which is expected to be coming to Netflix in June 2022 weekly.

Alchemy of Souls, formerly titled Return, is a South Korean period drama series that has been licensed internationally. It was produced by tvN and written by Hong Mi Ran (formerly titled Return). The series is directed by Park  Joon Hwxa.

When is the Alchemy of Souls season 1 Netflix release date?

At the time of writing the first episode of Alchemy of Souls is scheduled to debut on Netflix on Saturday, June 18th, 2022.

It must be noted that episode release dates are subject to change, and the first episode of Alchemy of Souls could be moved forward or pushed back.

Alchemy of Souls will release 20 episodes over a period of ten week. The episodes are expected to last 80 minutes each.

The new episodes will air on Saturdays and Sundays.

How often will episodes be released?

Episodes of Alchemy of Souls will be available the same day as the South Korean broadcast on the cable television network tvN.

Episode Release Date
1 June 18th
2 June 19th
3 June 25th
4 June 26th
5 July 2nd
6 July 3rd
7 July 9th
8 July 10th
9 July 16th
10 July 17th
11 July 23rd
12 July 24th
13 July 30th
14 July 31st
15 August 6th
16 August 7th
17 August 13th
18 August 14th
19 August 20th
20 August 21st

Is there a plot to Alchemy of Souls'?

Jang Wook, a member of the noble Jang clan, is entrusted with revealing a dark secret about his childhood. This information has been discussed by all the citizens of Daeho. Jang Wook is a troublemaker and meets Mu Deok. He becomes Mu Deok's servant and begins to teach Jang Wook the art of fighting.

What are the cast members of Alchemy of Souls'?

Many Netflix subscribers will recognize Lee Jae Wook, who has starred in shows like Extraordinary You and Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Jae Wook will play the role Jang Wook as a noble.

return k drama season 1 cast lee jae wook

Lee Jea Wook (left) and his role of Sun Woo Joon in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Jung So Min and Hwang Min Hyun will play the parts of Mu Deok and Seo Yul respectively. Shin Seung Ho and Shin Seung Ho are also cast.

return k drama season 1 cast

Jung So Min (left), Hwang Min Hyun (center), and Shin Seung Ho (right)

Yoo Joon, plays Park Jin. He was also seen previously in The Uncanny Counter.

return k drama season 1 cast yoo joon sang

Yoo Joon Sang (left) and his role of Ga Mo Tak in The Uncanny Counter

Oh Na Ra was the lead character in Sky Castle and has been recently featured in Racket Boys, a Netflix Original series.

return k drama season 1 cast oh na ra

Oh Na Ra (left) and Oh Na Ra in SKY Castle (right)

Here is the complete cast of Alchemy of Souls.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Jang Wook Lee Jae Wook Search: WWW | Extraordinary You | Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
Mu Deok Jung So Min Soul Mechanic | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | My Father is Strange
Seo Yul Hwang Min Hyun Live On | Reckless Family | Their Distance
Go Won Shin Seung Ho D.P. | How to Buy a Friend | Moment at Eighteen
Park Jin Yoo Joon Sang The Uncanny Counter | Pied Piper | Live or Die
Kim Do Ju Oh Na Ra Racket Boys | SKY Castle | Woman of 9.9 Billion
Jin Cho Yeon Arin The World of My 17
Park Dang Gu Yoo In Soo All of Us Are Dead | Moment at Eighteen | At a Distance, Spring Is Green
Jin Mu Jo Jae Yoon Mouse | The Good Detective | Catch the Ghost
Jin Ho Kyung Park Eun Hye The King’s Affection | The Goddess of Revenge | Hi Bye, Mama!
Heo Yeom Lee Do Kyung Forest | Arthdal Chronicles | Forest
Heo Yeon Ok Hong Seo Hee The Sound of Magic
Magician Im Chul Soo Vincenzo | Crash Landing on You | Mr. Sunshine
TBA Joo Sang Wook Grand Prince | Fantastic | Glamorous Temptation
TBA Park So Jin The King: Eternal Monarch | Hot Stove League | Hong Ik Super
TBA Go Yoon Jung The School Nurse Files | Sweet Home | Law School

Are you looking forward to the release of Alchemy of Souls season 1 on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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