Animated Superhero Original ‘Fearless’ Coming to Netflix in August 2020

Review Ethan / 2022-10-28 06:45:32

Despite there being no Marvel or DC movies this summer, it’s still been a summer of superheroes on Netflix. Fearless, an animated adventure that will arrive on Netflix in August 2020, is another addition to the ever-growing list of superhero movies.

Fearless is an upcoming Netflix Original animated superhero-family-comedy, directed, and co-created by Cory Edwards. Vanguard Films and Animation, along with 3QU Media are responsible for the production of Netflix’s latest animated tale.

What is Fearless' Netflix release date?

Netflix will release Fearless, an animated super hero movie, on Friday, August 14, 2020.

Fearless runs for 89 minutes.

fearless netflix superhero

Netflix poster for Fearless. Copyright – 3QU Media

Is Fearless a plot?

Reid is an avid gamer and plans to make it a career as a babysitter. His favorite video game, Super Heroes, drops three superpowered children from outer space into Reid's backyard.

Who’s in the cast of Fearless?

These actors are confirmed as stars in Netflix Original Fearless.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Melanie Yara Shahidi Salt | Black-ish | Grown-ish
Reid Miles Robbins Blockers | Halloween | Daniel Isn’t Real
Private Wade Dwayne Wade What to Expect When You’re Expecting | Shot in the Dark | Relentless
DJ Fat Joe Happy Feet | She’s Gotta Have It | Night School
Private Ronnie Leyon Azubuike Alpha Must Die | Slumber Party Slaughter | The Young and the Restless
Dr. Arcannis Miguel Coco | Crazy Rich Asians | Baywatch
Kira Amari McCoy 9-1-1 | Eneresto’s Manifesto | T.O.T.S.
Zona Nightweather Angie Martinez Nothing to Lose | Generation UM. | Blazin’
Captain Lightspeed Jadakiss Blade 2 | Exit Wounds | Are We There Yet?

What year was filming?

According to IMDb pro, filming for the series began in July 2018, and didn’t go into post-production until the following year in May.

Only July 22, 2020 was the official date that the feature film had been acknowledged.

fearless netflix superhero 2

Second Netflix poster for Fearless. Copyright – 3QU Media

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