‘Another Life’ Season 3: Netflix Officially Cancels Sci-fi Series

Review Ethan / 2023-01-18 14:04:49
another life season 3 canceled netflix

Picture: Netflix

Another Life returned for its second season in 2021 but after poor performance and a few hints, we’ve got confirmation that the show has been canceled. Here’s what we know about the cancelation of Another Life season 3.

Another Life is a Netflix Original sci-fi series created by Aaron Martin. The series stars Battlestar Galactica hero Katie Sackhoff and Hellboy star Selma Blair.

Niko Breckinridge, Astronaut leads a group of astronauts to the outer space looking for intelligent life. They are on a mission to discover the origin of an alien artifact which appeared on Earth. The crew is in danger during their one-way mission.

Netflix renewal status for Another Life season 3

Official Netflix Renewal Status Canceled (Last Modified: 02/21/2021)

We got a little hint in December 2021 that it might have been cancelled. Responding to a viral Tweet, Katee seems to suggest that the original poster saying that Netflix doesn’t allow any show to get three seasons was correct. This is the closest thing we have to confirmation of cancellation. We’ll have to wait and see.


Another Life season 2 did feature on the Netflix top 10s but didn’t make any meaningful impact. The top 10 hourly data charts featured it between October 17th and October 24th, where it was viewed 15.76 million times.

The show failed to appear in Netflix US’s TV top 10s at all.

We finally received confirmation on February 21st that Another Life was canceled by Netflix.

Katee Sackhoff tweeted:

“I’d like to thank everyone single person who watched & supported Another Life on @netflix To our crew & cast thank you for always working so hard & being prepared. I wish we could do more seasons but sadly it’s just not in the cards ???? See you on the next adventure ❤️ Love Niko”

Romeo Candido, a writer for the project, responded to the tweet with the following:

“Thank you for making this writers dream come true and helping me believe I can do this. Much love to @AaronSMartin for bringing me on the space adventure of a lifetime! Team Salvare forever”

What we would’ve expected from a third season of Another Life

Another Life's second season ends and opens up a wealth of possibilities for humanity.

The crew of Salvare 2 discovered a flaw in the armor of an unknown alien race, just as Earth was on the verge of being destroyed by the Achaians. The crew discovered that the Achaians were actually an advanced Alien A.I. The crew was able to successfully defeat the Achaians by creating a computer virus based on human DNA.

another life season 3 netflix renewal status and what we know so far achaian ring

An Achaian Ring – Picture: Netflix

Once the Achaian’s left the solar system, suddenly many more wormholes to our solar system were opened as a large number of other alien races in the universe couldn’t wait to show their appreciation for destroying the Achaian oppressors, and to greet the human race for the first time.

With countless new worlds to explore, and an untold number of aliens to be contacted it’s clear what the next task of the Salvare 2, is to make contact and establish relations with humanity’s potential new alien allies.

another life season 3 netflix renewal status and what we know so far salvare 2

The Salvare 2 – Picture: Netflix

What date can we look forward to another season of Another Life?

If it wasn’t for the global pandemic, we would have seen the second season on Netflix many months before October 2021. Filming was delayed several times, and filming had to be rescheduled for several months.

The world is in an improved place than it was in spring 2020 so production of Another Life season 3 will likely proceed without any delays. We can only speculate about when the third season might arrive, with renewal still in doubt. It’s our educated guess that if season 3 happens, production would take place throughout most of 2022, before being released in early 2023.

What would you like to see in the third season of Another Life? Comment below.


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