Are Seasons 1-5 of ‘9-1-1’ or ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-09-21 06:11:28

9-1-1, produced by Ryan Murphy, returns for its fifth season on Fox in 2021 and if you’re looking to catch 9-1-1 on Netflix or its spin-off 9-1-1 Lone Star, you’re going to come up short. Despite most of Murphy’s shows being on Netflix, this is one that will unlikely hit the service.

This procedural series was produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and began airing back on Fox in January 2018. Under exclusive overall agreements, two of these producers are now working with Netflix.

Angela Bassett and Peter Krause are 9-1-1's stars. They play a variety of roles in the emergency services, including paramedics, firefighters, dispatchers, and emergency call dispatchers.

Mothership is a series that has been rated among the top shows on Fox and on all networks.

What is 9-1-1 Lone Star and 9-1-1 Lone Star?

Now despite Netflix managing to continue licensing some of Ryan Murphy’s other big shows, 9-1-1 has sadly never been part of that. Netflix still hosts American Horror Story, Glee and American Crime Story.

The contracts did not apply to 9-1-1, which could be due to the fact that the titles previously listed are on FX (except for Glee), and 9-1-1 as well as its spin-off Lone Star can only be accessed on Hulu.

Fox Now also serves as a catch up service, but ultimately loses its rights to be exclusively on Hulu.

Is 9-1-1 or 9-1-1 available?

The rights to the show have never been acquired by Netflix internationally.

Both shows were instead added to Disney+'s Star Collection of Content. The first three seasons (9-1-1) are not available in most areas. Future seasons will be added to Disney+ after broadcast rights expire.

The UK's new season airs first on Sky, then they are on Catch-up on NowTV. After that it is on Disney+.

Lone Star is available only to 7+ in Australia. The main series has 2 seasons.

You can only stream the series via Disney+ in Canada.

Would you like to see Lone Star and 9-1-1 on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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