Are Seasons 1-6 of ‘Vikings’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-29 21:33:46

The sixth and final season of Vikings has begun, and one of the largest questions on the lips of subscribers is “are seasons 1 to 6 of Vikings on Netflix??”. Sadly this isn’t the case… yet but we are hopeful that Vikings will be coming to Netflix in the near future. The historical drama is available on Netflix in plenty of other regions and here’s where you can stream them.

Vikings is an historical drama that Michael Hirst created for History Channel. Based on the Norse stories of Ragnar Lodbrok (a legend Scandanavian King who paved the path for Europe's Viking Age), the series will air in six seasons. Vikings was a hugely popular series that debuted in 2013. Many were disappointed to learn it would end after six seasons.

Is Season 1-6 of Vikings available on Netflix US

Vikings was not yet available for streaming on Netflix at the time this article was written. Hulu and Amazon Prime are available for the historical drama. Episodes will be delivered the next day from airing on History Channel.

It’s unclear how long Hulu and Amazon Prime have the license to Vikings for. Netflix will be looking to buy Vikings when the license is made available. This is due to Vikings being the prequel series to Netflix Original Series Vikings: Valhalla.

Are Vikings available on Netflix outside of the United States?

Netflix currently has Vikings available for streaming in 22 different countries:

Regions Seasons Episode Total
Argentina 5 69
Brazil 5 69
Czech Republic 5 69
Greece 5 69
Hong Kong 5 69
Hungary 5 69
Israel 5 69
Italy 5 69
Lithuania 5 69
Mexico 5 69
Poland 5 69
Romania 5 69
Russia 5 69
Singapore 5 69
Slovakia 5 69
South Korea 5 69
Spain 5 69
Switzerland 5 69
Thailand 5 69
Australia 5 59
India 5 59
South Africa 5 59

Vikings can be streamed exclusively through Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom. Season 6 will also be available through Prime but it’s unknown when the license will end. Netflix is certain to seek licensing rights for Vikings in the UK with the arrival of the spin-off Vikings Valhalla.

Canadians who have access to History Channel are able to stream the most recent episodes of Vikings. Now that Vikings: Valhalla has been announced it’s likely Vikings will be coming to Netflix Canada in the future.

Netflix has series similar to Vikings

The Last Kingdom is the most popular, but you have many other great series available on Netflix.

  • The Last Kingdom: Three Seasons N
  • Norsemen: Seasons N 2
  • Frontier 3 Seasons N
  • Knightfall: Two Seasons
  • Spartacus: Four Seasons

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