Are Seasons 1-9 of ‘Scrubs’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-20 14:58:32

To imagine that it’s been almost twenty years since Scrubs first aired on television is a hard concept to grasp, but one we must all come to terms with. Just like the fact that all nine seasons of Scrubs aren’t available to stream on Netflix. Don’t worry, we’ve got you back: here’s all the information you need to find and stream Scrubs online.

Bill Lawrence created Scrubs, an American comedy drama that focuses on medical humor. The concept for the series came from Lawrence’s relationship with his real-life friend, Jonathan Doris, better known amongst the crew as “Real JD.”

Scrubs is a popular TV series that has received high ratings from medical professionals. It was praised for being an accurate portrayal of life at an inner-city hospital. Many medical professionals were consultants to the series. This helped with characters like Turk and Elliot.

Is Scrubs season one through nine available for streaming on Netflix US?

Sadly, all nine seasons of Scrubs haven’t been available to stream on Netflix for just over three years. Although the series had been on Netflix for a long time, it was removed from streaming in 2017.

All nine episodes of Scrubs are now available on Hulu since 2017 when Netflix shut down.

Due to licensing reasons, some songs featured in the tv broadcast of Scrubs have been replaced, so if you’re watching Scrubs on Hulu and feel somethings just not quite the same, you’ll now know why.

Is Scrubs coming back to Netflix?

It’s highly unlikely that Scrubs will ever return to Netflix because of its affiliation with Disney.

Despite its seven-season broadcast on NBC, Scrubs was always owned by ABC. Its distributor is Buenavista Television. Both companies mentioned above are part of Disney's vast network.

If Scrubs were to leave Hulu, it’d be more likely to end up on Disney+ than Netflix.

Re-watch the Scrubs with Zach & Donald

If you do have a hankering to rewatch all of Scrubs, make sure to check out Zach Braff (J.D) and Donald Faison’s (Turk) new podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

This podcast is dedicated entirely to a rewatching of Scrubs. Both hosts give an overview of each episode with regular guest stars.

Are Scrubs and other shows available on Netflix outside of the United States?

To our great surprise, we couldn’t find any other Netflix region that currently streams seasons of Scrubs.

In the United Kingdom, all nine seasons of Scrubs are available to stream on Channel 4’s streaming service All 4.

According to Watch in Canada, Scrubs isn’t available to stream on any service and needs to be purchased/rented on iTunes.

Australian Scrubs fans can watch all nine seasons on Stan, the streaming service.

Do you want to see Scrubs on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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