Are Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘The Orville’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-01-28 09:27:50

The Orville is back on Fox for its second season and if you’re looking for seasons one or two of The Orville on Netflix you’re probably going to be out of luck, regardless of where you live. Here are the reasons why the show isn’t on Netflix and whether it ever will be in the future.

Seth MacFarlane, the comedian genius behind many of the most popular adult cartoons in the 21st Century, is Seth MacFarlane. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has long dreamed of parodying Star Trek. He finally saw his dreams come true when Fox approved the comedy.

Reviews for the second outing have surpassed reviews for the first with one of the best reviews calling it “an understated, character-driven second season”.

The Orville looks like a mix between Red Dwarf and Star Trek and contains plenty of classic MacFarlane comedy. The plot consists of MacFarlane’s character being declared the captain of the U.S.S Orville that sets off 400 years into the future.

Now let’s take a look at the show’s streaming plans and figure out whether it’ll be on Netflix.

The Orville will be available on Netflix US.

Sadly, the show won’t ever be coming to Netflix US.

Until 2017 Netflix would have been in for the running to stream the show. But thanks to Fox and Netflix failing to renegotiate their contract, all past and future Fox shows won’t be on Netflix.

Disney owns Fox, and both companies seem to be putting all their effort into Hulu/Disney+, their latest streaming venture. It is unlikely that it will be available on Netflix.

You have two choices for streaming the program. If you’re caught up and want a catch-up service, Fox has an app. Hulu has the best place to view The Orville, and you can watch past episodes as well as new episodes every week.

The Orville is only available on Hulu

Netflix UK: Will The Orville season 1 and 2 air?

The Orville can be difficult to watch in the UK. The first season isn’t streaming anywhere but the show does air on Fox and then arrives weekly onto NowTV. It’s consistently a few weeks behind meaning it’s not a great location to watch the show, but it is the only option.

This could change.

It’s unlikely. With Fox’s new direction under the wing of Disney, it’s clear the networks are looking to go head-to-head with Netflix.

Would you like to see Seth MacFarlane’s latest outing on Netflix? Leave us a comment below.


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