Are Seasons 1 to 4 of ‘Mr. Robot’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-06 13:14:00

USA Network renewed Mr. Robot will air its fourth season, which began in 2019 and ends on April 30, 2019. Is it possible to see Mr. Could we ever see Mr. Robot on Netflix? We’ll take a look at the shows streaming present and future in our final update looking at whether Mr. Robot is available on Netflix.

Amazing writing and an outstanding cast bring the hacker genre into the 21st Century. The show focuses on Elliot (a young hacker with a mental disorder that lets him see his deceased father). E-Corp, the largest corporation in the universe, is his target. The second season saw E-Corp go bust and rebuild, but it quickly grew into something bigger.

Season 4: Elliot takes on Whiterose. Everything is up for grabs.

Personal note: This is definitely one of my top five TV shows.

Does Mr. Robot exist on Netflix US? What is Mr. Robot? Robot available on Netflix US? If not, when will it be?

Mr Robot has not yet been streamed on Netflix US.

The series obviously airs first on USA Network and sits on their catch up service too although it’s not widely accessible.

Amazon Prime is the preferred streaming service for this show, as they have seasons 1 through 3. In 2015, Amazon acquired the rights to this show domestically as well as internationally. Amazon Prime will soon have Season 4, with the next season usually arriving shortly after it has finished.

However, it is likely that the show will be lost by Amazon Prime in the long-term. Amazon Prime will likely lose the show, while NBC Universal (who distributes it) will put the show on their Peacock streaming platform.

Does Mr. Robot exist anywhere else? Is Mr. Robot available on Netflix UK

Netflix UK doesn’t currently hold Mr. Robot streaming rights were only arranged through Amazon Prime.

Prime receives weekly episodes and also has the three previous seasons.

The show will likely be redirected to NowTV in the UK, which is part of Comcast. NBC distributes it.

Is Mr. Is Mr. Robot available on Netflix anywhere else in the world?

It was obvious. It's not.

Amazon holds the rights to the show in every region it operates but even where it doesn’t, Netflix isn’t streaming it.

I hope that’s not too disheartening for Mr Robot fans but if you love the show, an Amazon Prime account will be a more than worthy investment.

Do you wish Mr. Do you wish Mr. Robot was on Netflix? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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