Are the ‘Bad Boys’ movies on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-11 07:39:58

Bad Boys 3 is a go and if you’re looking to watch either Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 on Netflix, you may be in luck depending on where you live. Here’s you guide to streaming the first two Bad Boys movies and whether you can do it on Netflix.

Michael Bay was best known for Bad Boys before he trashed the Transformers licence. Both movies were not well received by critics, with the movie 2 receiving a Metacritic score of 38. These movies were filled with outrageous action scenes, absurd plots and bizarre dialogue.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith confirmed that a third film was in development. It’s been long awaited and by the time it comes out in 2020, it’ll have been 17 years since the second movie released. We don’t know if Michael Bay will return to direct but we do know the shows main stars are ready.

Are Bad Boys available on Netflix USA?

If you’re in the US, not only are you out of luck if you’re wanting to stream the first two movies on Netflix, you’ll also be out of luck to stream them as part of a subscription full stop. JustWatch says that the movie is only available via video-on demand platforms such as Vudu, Youtube, and iTunes.

There’s good news here. Sony puts its titles on Netflix almost immediately after their theatrical releases, which could mean that the movies will be available for streaming in 2019 and 2020.

You can also find both movies if your Netflix DVD subscription is active.

Bad Boys at Netflix UK

Likewise, those in the United Kingdom won’t be watching the movies on Netflix either. You do have other options, Fortunetely.

While the first movie can be viewed on Amazon Prime and NowTV, it is not available for streaming on Amazon Prime. The second film is only currently available on NowTV.

Netflix Canada streams Bad Boys 2

Canadians have the ability to watch the second movie, while the first is only available on Amazon Prime.

Are Bad Boys available on Netflix Australia

The two movies aren’t available on Netflix Australia but you do have two alternative choices. Both the movies can be viewed on Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime.

We’ll continue updating this article right up until the release of the third movie as the movie license swaps between streaming providers.


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