Are the ‘Halloween’ Movies on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-02 08:05:41

“Death has come to your little town, Sheriff”. Michael Myers would like to visit your city, but is he actually streaming into your town at the moment? It’s time to find out. Let’s see if any of the ‘Halloween’ films are currently streaming on Netflix for 2019.

The face of Michael Myers is definitely one of the most recognizable in Hollywood and no I’m not talking about the one that likes to shout ‘Yeah baby, yeah!’. No, I’m speaking of the pale white mask and overall-wearing Michael Myers that has no qualms in leaving death and destruction in his wake.

What is ‘Halloween’?

Out of all the big bad slasher villains, it is Michael that has been around the longest. First debuting all the way back in October 1978, not only was it the debut of ‘The Shape’ it was also the debut of future Golden Globe winner Jamie Lee Curtis.

A young Michael Myers stabbing his sister to death in 1963. In the aftermath of her death, Michael is sent to Warren County’s Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and spends the next 15 years confined. Michael quickly chooses Laurie Strode as his victim after escaping the sanitarium. He then begins to follow her and becomes obsessed with her. Michael is obsessed with the murder of Laurie and has repeatedly returned to pursue his evil intent on the Strode families.

The timelines are a little convoluted as there are now numerous timelines within the Halloween franchise after they’ve had some reboots and retconning fans have still enjoyed the release of 11 titles from the franchise and with a 12th on the way has further retconned the continuity of the previous films.

Are any of the ‘Halloween’ films on Netflix US?

Netflix has removed the 2019 Halloween movie titles.

Halloween: Resurrection was streaming on Netflix up until November 2016 and hasn’t returned since.

You can stream the original Halloween movie for free on Roku.

The 2018 Halloween is available and will be streamed on HBO for the entire 2019 Halloween season. That’s also where Halloween II and Halloween III is streaming at the moment too.

Showtime currently shows Halloween H20 20 years later (1998)

How about in other areas?

Netflix currently does not have any Halloween movies available in the United Kingdom. Australia is similarly affected.

Halloween 2007 is available in Canada.

Would you like to see the ‘Halloween’ films on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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