Are the other ‘The Jungle Book’ Movies on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-05 17:47:28

Netflix’s first attempt at recreating The Jungle Book has been met with a mixed response. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is now on Netflix but if you’re wanting to watch Disney’s versions, can you do so on Netflix? Here’s a look at whether The Jungle Book movies and series are streaming on Netflix.

You’ll probably know that Disney has been the main distributor to use the works of The Jungle Book. Of course, anyone is now open to adapt the book as it’s now in the public domain. Because the novel it is based upon is 1894, copyright on that book has expired.

If you’re in the United States, you may want to skip right to the end as only one other The Jungle Book title is streaming on Netflix right now.

Is The Jungle Book (1967) on Netflix?

Sadly, the original Disney movie of The Jungle Book and the one probably most are probably the most familiar isn’t on Netflix anywhere in the world. This title has not been streamed by Netflix in the United States and no streaming service is available for it as of this writing. As with most Disney titles, you’ll probably find it’ll end up on Disney+ next year.

Disney Life streams the United Kingdom's title. Canada and Australia currently don’t have streaming homes for the title either.

Netflix has The Jungle Book 2 (2003, p. 2)

The second movie is available in some regions. This includes India, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Netflix has The Jungle Book (2016) available?

Disney’s The Jungle Book (2016)

For long-time streamers on Netflix, you’ll know that Netflix was streaming the latest Disney iteration of The Jungle Book up until recently. Netflix US added the movie on November 30, 2016, before it was removed on May 30, 2018. The movie has yet to show up on another streaming platform but like the animated title before it, we suspect  it’ll end up on Disney+ due out next year.

For those living in India or Portugal, the movie can still be streamed on Netflix.

You can also find other Jungle Book titles on Netflix

  • The Jungle Book Safari series consisting of 26 episodes is currently streaming on Netflix in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story (1998) is streaming only on Netflix in the United States

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle can be viewed on Netflix worldwide.

Are you going to go back and watch the old Jungle Book films or the latest Netflix movie? Comment below.


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