Are the ‘Spartacus’ Series on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-28 01:00:32

I AM SPARTACUS. STARZ retold the classic 1960 film and the story of Spartacus, the hero of Spartacus, and slave rebellion in the late 2010s. The historical drama proved that there was an audience for mature and R-rated content on TV. What's more, all Sparatcus seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. Let’s find out.

Spartacus, a British TV series loosely inspired by the events of the Roman Republic's slave revolt is called. Although the series received much attention, there was still controversy over its sexualized and violent moments. The series was a huge success, despite the controversy. Each season introduced new and improved combat and wowed audiences around the world. It lasted only 4 seasons. This was probably the right amount of time. The series gave the audience plenty of food to eat, but left them wanting more.

After Roman invading his country and killing his people, the Spartacus of Thracia is made a slave. Spartacus, who is bought by the Dominus de Capua soon finds himself forced to participate in violent Gladiatorial combat. As Spartacus’ reputation grows so does the seed of rebellion that will eventually sprout to become one of the greatest threats Rome had ever faced.

Is the Spartacus TV series on Netflix US available?

Yes! Netflix is streaming the entire 4 Seasons, with all their violence-filled glory. The fact that each season is labelled with a different title may be confusing to fans. However, if you want to view the series chronologically then this is how to do it:

Title Episodes
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 6
Spartacus: Blood and Sand 13
Spartacus: Vengeance 10
Spartacus: War of the Damned 10

Spartacus was first available on Netflix US in April 2015. As the series hasn’t been scheduled to leave this April we can assume that the title has one more year on Netflix before the license for the show runs out. So if you haven’t already watched it make sure to binge it soon!

Is Spartacus available in other countries on Netflix as well?

Spartacus, one of Netflix's longest-running licensed titles, has now found its home in multiple countries around the globe. Spartacus is currently being streamed in more than 30 countries. Below are some regions where you can watch the series:

Country Seasons Episodes
Argentina 4 39
Australia 4 39
Belgium 4 39
Brazil 4 39
Canada 4 39
Czech Republic 4 39
France 4 39
Germany 4 39
Greece 4 39
Hong Kong 4 39
Hungary 4 39
India 4 39
Israel 4 39
Italy 4 39
Japan 4 39
Lithuania 4 39
Mexico 4 39
Netherlands 4 39
Poland 4 39
Romania 4 39
Russia 4 39
Singapore 4 39
Slovakia 4 39
South Korea 4 39
Spain 4 39
Sweden 4 39
Switzerland 4 39
Thailand 4 39
United Kingdom 4 39

This is it folks. It would be incredibly surprising to learn if Spartacus isn’t available in your region. Do you love Spartacus or not? Comment below to let us know.


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