Australian TV Series ‘Glitch’ Becomes A Netflix Original

Review Ethan / 2023-04-21 19:24:27

Netflix launched season one of Glitch, an Australian show. The release also included the news that Netflix would partially produce future seasons and that it would make them a complete Netflix Original in many countries.

The six episodes were released on Netflix around the globe (except Australia), and have received many good reviews. Six episodes of one hour each are featured in this season's first season. They tell the chilling story about six characters who make a comeback from the grave.

This series is known for its unique storyline, dramatic twists and an undiscovered cast. Those who love The Returned, The 4400, Revenants or Resurrection will feel right at home with this series.

This story, originally reported by Deadline, includes key details about where and how the series is going.

What time will Glitch season 2 be available on Netflix?

Six episodes will be released in the second season, continuing the tradition of the original. Netflix and the original producer will co-produce the series. For the Canadian series Between, similar arrangements are in place.

Production has literally just started for the second season so don’t expect it to be landing on Netflix for quite some time. We suspect fall 2017 is most likely but we’re unsure whether we’ll get weekly episode drops or added to Netflix all at once after it’s finished airing in Australia. It’s likely that Glitch season 1 will drop on Netflix AU around this time too.


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