BBC Series ‘Miranda’ Scheduled to Leave Netflix UK in September 2020

Review Ethan / 2023-01-26 12:23:39

With the imminent departure of Miranda, the beloved sitcom of the BBC, the BBC is continuing its exodus from UK content. Subscribers to Netflix UK will say goodbye to Miranda, the last remaining season.

Miranda, a BBC British sitcom created by Miranda Hart is called "Miranda". Lucifer fans will recognize the devil himself, Tom Ellis, as Miranda’s love interest throughout the series.

Miranda is a London-based joke shop owner who has never been lucky in her love life. Miranda is a tall woman with a high social anxiety and a large stature. If she hopes to find love and happiness in her life, then Miranda needs to overcome these insecurities.

What time does Miranda leave Netflix UK?

On Tuesday September 1, 2020, Netflix UK will end Miranda's last season.

All three seasons of Miranda had been previously available for streaming on Netflix UK, but they were removed from the library in January 2018.

Only one season was available when Miranda returned to Netflix UK, March 31, 2020.

Miranda is leaving Netflix UK.

Miranda's streaming licence was not available for more than six months. It is now ending.

Currently, all three seasons as well as two specials can be streamed on iPlayer. Don’t be surprised if Miranda eventually arrives on BritBox.

BBC has stepped up its effort in removing its content from the Netflix UK library, so don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

Miranda to Netflix UK:

There’s still a chance that Miranda could return to Netflix in the future. Netflix UK has continued to license BBC content, but it’s more than likely to entice Netflix subscribers to jump to iPlayer or BritBox when they’ve finished binging the only season available.

Can I stream Miranda elsewhere on Netflix?

The UK is currently the last region to stream Miranda at the moment of writing. The series will no longer be available on Netflix after Miranda is removed from Netflix UK.

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