‘Behind Her Eyes’ Season 1: Netflix Release Date & Everything Else You Need to Know

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Netflix will soon have an exciting psychological thriller called Behind Her Eyes from The Crown. Behind Her Eyes could be the sleeper hit of 2021, and we can’t wait to see what the series has in store for us. The first season's plot, casting, trailer and Netflix release date are all available to you.

Behind Her Eyes, a Netflix Original psychological thriller series that Steve Lightfoot created and is based on Sarah Pinborough's novel. Erik Richter Strand has directed the series, and Angela LaManna splits writing duties.

What is Behind Her Eyes' premiere date on Netflix?

Netflix will air the series globally on February 17, 2021. After their release, all six episodes of the series will be streamable online.

psychological thriller behind her eyes season 1 plot cast trailer and netflix release date poster

The official Netflix poster for Behind Her Eyes – Copyright. Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television

Is Behind Her Eyes a plot?

Louise, single mother, is tired of being a secretary and begins to have an affair with David, her boss. In a strange turn of events, Louise begins a friendship with David’s wife, Adele. Louise is drawn into a strange love triangle, and finds herself caught up in a web of secrets.

What are the members of Behind Her Eyes?

These cast members were confirmed as stars in Behind Her Eyes' first season:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Louise Simona Brown Man Up | The Night Manager | Kiss Me First
Adele Eve Hawson Robin Hood | Bridge of Spies | Blood Ties
David Tom Bateman Murder on the Orient Express | Snatched | Cold Pursuit
Rob Robert Aramayo Nocturnal Animals | Game of Thrones | Galveston
Adam Tyler Howitt His Dark Materials | Apple Tree House
Anthony Hawkins Aston McAuley Rocketman | The Personal History of David Copperfield | Endeavour
Sue Georgie Glen Waterloo Road | Calendar Girls | The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Where and when did Behind Her Eyes production take place?

Behind Her Eyes didn’t suffer from any delays by the global pandemic thanks to the fact filming took place between June and October 2019. Filming locations were located in various parts of London and Scotland.

Left Bank Pictures was responsible for Behind Her Eyes' production. Sony Pictures Television handled the same. Left Bank was responsible for other Netflix Originals, such as The Crown or White Lines.

Is Behind Her Eyes available for streaming in 4K?

Behind Her Eyes is available for streaming on Netflix 4K, just like the rest of the new Netflix Originals. You will require a premium Netflix subscription and a 4K TV with a speed of 25Mbps to view the series.

psychological thriller behind her eyes season 1 plot cast trailer and netflix release date cast

From left to right: Eve Hawson, Tom Bateman, and Simona Brown – Copyright. Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television.

Is there a chance we will see the second season of Behind Her Eyes?

The only available source material for Behind Her Eyes was the book on which Sarah Pinborough based the series at the time of writing.

When a television series is successful enough, it may take over the source material and become its own reality.

psychological thriller behind her eyes season 1 plot cast trailer and netflix release date book cover

Behind Her Eyes is a miniseries, which makes it difficult to produce a second season. It is therefore only possible to expect one season of Behind Her Eyes.

It’s rare for any limited or miniseries to receive a second season. One of the most popular Originals of 2020, The Queen’s Gambit, is a limited series, and despite its overwhelming success a second season hasn’t been ordered.

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