‘Better Call Saul’ Season 1 Review

Review Ethan / 2023-05-02 15:32:59

Is Saul Goodman really real? Every Breaking Bad fan would love to find out. Breaking Bad forced him to make a decision and change his identity in order to manage a Cinnabon restaurant in Omaha. The first season of Better Call Saul wrapped up on Sunday April 5, giving us a taste of what it is like to be in the mind of the quirky lawyer, Jimmy McGill – Saul’s birth name. In the first episode, Gene is shown living his life as he was predicted. Gene returns home only to find his old VHS tape and watches old advertisements, encouraging people in custody that they’d “Better Call Saul” and from this point, the show begins and the plot thickens. Better Call Saul could have gone two ways, it was either going to be just as enthralling as AMC’s Breaking Bad or it was going to be a disappointment.

It was a pleasant surprise.


These episodes were set six years prior to Jimmy's meeting with Walter White on Breaking Bad. Anyone can view them without having any background information. With the use of flip phones, old televisions and answer machines, the period is well portrayed.

Jimmy’s character is almost a reflection of his small, red and yellow car. Although he appears a bit shabby and a little worn at the surface, his personality reveals his true colors and his willingness to work hard for his career. He seems to only look out for one man, that’s himself. It’s just a shame that every time he tries, someone takes that away. Unlucky, Jimmy. Jimmy eventually decides to specialize in elder law. He finds himself working at an elderly home, preparing wills, and handling the affairs of his clients after their deaths. Jimmy's character, Bob Odenkirk (who plays him), has shown that he can lead, unlike his role in Breaking Bad where he sits on the sidelines.

It is funny and serious. Episode 5 shows this when potential clients, looking for advice about patent law, pitch an idea for a talkative (and somewhat inappropriate) toilet. It is crucial to strike the right balance. Good television should have both captivating and compelling elements as well as moments that are funny, which the viewers will remember for the rest of the season.

Jonathan Banks plays Mike Ehrmantraut. He is not the star of the show but he's definitely worth watching. Mike does not take any ‘funny business’, he has always seemed like a private character and now in Better Call Saul, the audience gets to see what his life once was and how he managed to get into illegal acts.


Jimmy became suspicious about the financial situation of elderly clients and began to investigate the care home. He found enough information to create a large case. In the final episodes, Jimmy hands over his large case to Hamlin Hamlin Mcgill (HHM), who is his brother's partner at a large legal firm. Jimmy’s brother, Chuck, who claimed to have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, worked with Jimmy on several cases only to betray him at the end and refuse Jimmy a rightful desk at the company. Jimmy seems to be the one who loses when there's hope. This could explain why we all support him, even though his mistakes. He is likable because he can show weakness but exudes confidence at his best.

Better Call Saul is a show worth watching, even if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad.

Only one question remains: When will Jimmy McGill be Saul Goodman's successor?


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