Bill Skarsgård Netflix Series ‘Clark’: Everything We Know So Far

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Netflix is releasing a brand new crime biopic based on Clark Oloffson's life. Filming for the six-part series came to an end in June 2021, and now we’ll see the biopic on Netflix in May 2022. Below we’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Clark, including the plot, cast, trailers, and Netflix release date.

Clark is an upcoming Swedish Netflix Original biopic crime-drama series directed by Jonas Åkerlund and is based on the life and career of infamous Swedish gangster Clark Oloffson from his autobiography Vafan var det som hände. Oloffson is the man credited for the rise in the phrase “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Director Jonas Åkerlund had the following to say about Clark Oloffson and complimented Bill Skarsgård as the perfect person to portray the infamous Swedish criminal;

Clark is the story about the most politically incorrect man, who lived the most politically incorrect life. These are the kinds of stories I always look for. It’s an ultra-violent, witty, emotional, real and surreal biography to put a face to the name Stockholm Syndrome, but it isn’t just about the Norrmalmstorg Robbery. It’s about his whole life and what made him who he is, the truth and lies of his incredible career. Bill Skarsgård is the perfect match for this and he will bring the Stockholm Syndrome to the role. And Netflix is the perfect platform, they are not just the biggest streaming service, they also have the boldness to tell this incredible story.

When is the Clark Netflix release date?

Our prediction of Clark coming to Netflix Spring 2022 was correct. The trailer has now been released and Clark will be arriving on Thursday May 5, 2022.

How is Clark's production?

Official Production Status: (Last updated: 14/12/2021).

We know from the IMDb Pro information that filming occurred between March 31st and June 12th 2021.

Three countries were used for filming, including locations in Lithuania and Croatia.

This series was produced by Scandinavian Content Group.

How does Clark's plot work?

IMDb Pro has provided the synopsis for Clark.

Based on the truth and lies of Clark Olofsson’s autobiography, the Swedish language series will feature Clark’s early years until the present day. The notorious gangster started his criminal career in the 1960s and became one of the most controversial personalities in contemporary Swedish history. Convicted of several counts of drug trafficking, attempted murder, assault, theft, and dozens of bank robberies, he has spent more than half his life behind bars and has left behind a trail of trauma, heartbreak, disappointment, and general devastation. In the 1970s Clark gave rise to the idea of “The Stockholm Syndrome” during a failed bank robbery in Stockholm and has ever since kept his position as a celebrity criminal fooling all of Sweden to fall in love with him. Just like he desired.

swedish crime drama clark season 1 clark oloffson

Picture: Clark Oloffson

What are the members of Clark's cast?

The biggest name attached to Clark is IT actor Bill Skarsgård, who will portray the lead role of Clark Olofsson. Skarsgård reportedly dropped out of the Viking action-adventure movie The Northmen in order to take part in the series.

Skarsgård had the following to say about Clark Oloffson:

Clark Olofsson is, for good and bad, one of Sweden’s most colorful and fascinating individuals. I accept this challenge with delight mingled with terror and think that with Jonas and Netflix in the back, we can tell a groundbreaking story with a pace and madness we may not have seen on TV before. Clark’s life and history is so incredible and screwed that it would even make Scorsese blush.

clark season 1 bill skarsgard cast

Bill Skarsgård (left) and Bill Skarsgård in full makeup as Pennywise the Clown in IT (right)

Alicia Agneson, Vikings actress, has an unnamed part in the series. She joins Vilhelm Blomgren from Midsommar and Malin LEVON of Drifters as fellow Swedish actors.

clark season 1 netflix cast

Here is the complete confirmed cast of Clark

Role Cast Member
Clark Olofsson Bill Skarsgård
TBA Alicia Agneson
Tommy Lindström Vilhelm Blomgren
Ingela Agnes Lindström Bolmgren
Liz Malin Levanon
TBA Wilson Gonzalez
Maria’s Collegue Vikte Simukauskiene
Karjalainen Gediminas Vilaniskis


How many episodes are there?

Clark is a 6-part series. This means that it will consist only of six episodes. Runtimes are still unconfirmed, however, we’d expect to see each episode have a runtime between 40 and 60 minutes.

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