‘Blue Period’ Anime Coming to Netflix Weekly from October 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-01-30 11:32:44

Netflix will be streaming episodes of an anime every week for the first time ever in its history. Blue Period won't be sent to Netflix Jail. Instead, anime fans will enjoy the weekly episodes starting in October 2021.

Blue Period is an upcoming internationally licensed Netlfix Original anime series, and the adaptation of the manga Burū Piriodo by Japanese author Tsubasa Yamaguchi.

Seven Arcs was the studio that animated Blue Period. Katsuya Ando is the director and Koji Masunari the general manager.

What is the Netflix release date of Blue Period season 1 on Netflix?

The anime will make its advanced debut on Netflix Japan, September 25, 2021. On October 1, 2021, the anime will premiere on MBS and TBS as well as 26 other Japanese affiliate broadcast networks.

Blue Period, part of Super Animeism's programming block will be broadcast on BS Asahi, October 3, 2021 and on AT-X, October 7, 2021.

Blue Period, which will debut globally on Netflix on October 9, 2021, will also start airing episodes weekly.

Blue Period escapes Netflix jail

Blue Period will mark a significant point in Netflix’s history with anime by becoming the first such series to escape “Netflix Jail.”

Netlfix was guilty, for better or worse, of licensing anime series like Beastars and The Seven Deadly Sins. However the Netflix release date is a long way away from the Japanese broadcast.

It looks as though Netflix will finally start releasing anime weekly by giving Blue Period a weekly release.

blue period netflix anime to stream weekly from october 2021 poster

Blue Period will there be an English dub?

An English dub won’t be available during Blue Period’s weekly run on Netflix, and instead, some subscribers will have to settle for English subtitles.

However, it’s more than likely that an English dub will become available eventually but this could take several months.

What are the Japanese voices of Blue Period's actors?

The complete cast list of the Japanese dub Blue Period is available:

  • Hiromu Mineta as Yatora Yaguchi
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Ryuji Ayukawa
  • Daiki Yamashita and Yotasuke Tahashi
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Haruka Hashida
  • Yume Miyamoto as Maki Kuwana
blue period japanese cast netflix

Yatora Yaguchi (left), Ryuji Ayukawa (center left), Yotasuke Takahashi (center), Haruka Hashida (center right), Maki Kuwana (right)

  • Masaya Fukunishi as Sumida
  • Shin’ichirō Kamio as Koigakubo
  • Tatsumaru Tachibana and Utashima
blue period japanese cast netflix 3

Sumida (left), Koigakubo (center), Utashima (right)

  • Mayu Aoyagi as Maru Mori
  • Fumi Hirano as Masako Saeki
blue period japanese cast netflix 2

Maru Mori (left), Masako Saeki (right)

  • Yuki Kazu as Mayu Oba
  • Emiri Suyama as Sae Okada
  • Taishi Murata as Takuro Ishii
  • Saori Ōnishi as Hanako Sakuraba
blue period japanese cast netflix 5

Mayu Oba (left), Sae Okada (center left), Takuro Ishii (center right), Hanako Sakuraba (right)

  • Mika Hiratsuka is Umino
  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Shirai
  • Yuna Nemoto as Shirota
  • Aoi Koga as Yamamoto
blue period japanese cast netflix 4

Umino (left), Shirai (center left), Shirota (center right), Yamamoto (right)

Is there a plot to the Blue Period?

This synopsis was taken directly from the manga licensed for the anime:

Yatora is the perfect high school student, with good grades and lots of friends. It’s an effortless performance, and, ultimately … a dull one. But he wanders into the art room one day, and a lone painting captures his eye, awakening him to a kind of beauty he never knew. Compelled and consumed, he dives in headfirst—and he’s about to learn how savage and unforgiving art can be!

How many episodes is Blue Period Season 1?

At the time of writing it’s still unconfirmed how many episodes of Blue Period will air in the first season.

An anime season typically has 12-24 episodes.

Do you look forward to Blue Period's release on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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