‘Busted!’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in November 2019

Review Ethan / 2022-11-09 11:20:23

The second season of Busted! South Korean reality show is now available! Netflix will release Season 2 of the South Korean reality series Busted!

The series which is also known as “Busted! I Know Who You Are!” first released on Netflix in May 2018 but was given a quick renewal by the streamer who has been investing heavily in Korean content including lots of K-Dramas.

It plays like a Cluedo game show where the contestants, which includes big stars of the Korean entertainment industry, try to figure out who the killer is. The show gained a large audience instantly and has similar success to the Japanese reality TV series Terrace House.

Netflix stated the following during the renewal:

“… its first Netflix original Korean variety show Busted! I Know Who You Are will be returning for a second season. Netflix will continue to team up with producers Cho Hyo-jin, Chang Hyuk-jae and Kim Ju-hyung of Company SangSang.”

We’ve known for some time the show would be returning to Netflix sometime in 2019 but on September 27th, we got our first glimpse of the upcoming season and a release date which is scheduled for November 8th, 2019.


Season 2 details are not available, but it is reported that the cast will return for season 2, with one exception. Due to scheduling conflicts, Lee Kwang-soo could not return. Lee Seung-gi, who is well known for both his acting and music, will be joining the cast.

We’ll be shortly updating our list of November 2019 Netflix Original releases with this upcoming season.

Do you look forward to Season 2 of Busted? Coming to Netflix November! Comment below to let us know.


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