‘Call the Midwife’ and Other BBC Series Leaving Netflix Canada in March 2020

Review Ethan / 2023-04-02 04:40:06

Call the Midwife, along with a few other BBC series are set to be removed from Netflix Canada before March 2020. Six seasons of Father Brown, as well as all five seasons from Life Below Zero are among the BBC series that will be leaving. Below will be the full list of BBC titles and the dates they’re scheduled to leave.

Call the Midwife is the biggest loss to Netflix Canada from the BBC's list of shows. With eight seasons of the critically acclaimed British drama scheduled to leave, that’s a total of 69 episodes leaving the library. Canadian viewers would be thrilled to see the new season, not to mention Canadians. Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Call the Midwife, a British drama that follows the life of several East London midwives from the 1950s through the 1960s is called a British Drama Series.

Father Brown is the next major loss for Canadian subscribers. Father Brown, a beloved crime-drama series that has been viewed over 500,000 times worldwide by Netflix Canada and America at the beginning of this month is set to be removed from Netflix Canada. Father Brown will be only available for streaming on Argentina's Netflix after the series has left both libraries.

The UK, which was established in 1950, is still recovering from the devastating effects of WW2. Father Brown, a priest from Kembleford, in the Cotswold uses his intelligence and sharpwit to prevent crimes and to fulfill his obligations to his parish.

Here's a complete list of BBC TV shows that will be leaving Netflix Canada for March 2020:

  • The Midwife is available for 8 seasons
  • Father Brown: Six Seasons
  • Three Seasons of Life and Death:
  • Five Seasons of Life below Zero
  • One Season of New Blood
  • The Honourable Women: Season 1
  • Treisteen Seasons

The following series will be leaving Netflix Canada at the end of March 2020.

Which streaming site can I watch the next BBC Shows?

Britbox is the most natural home for series that are to be cancelled. Britbox, which was launched in Canada in 2002, is now the home for British content from ITV and BBC. Britbox is likely to be the only home of BBC and ITV content as more British titles are removed from the Netflix library.

Based on figures from Britbox, 650,000 Britbox subscribers are located in the USA and Canada.



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