‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 5 Coming to Netflix Weekly

Review Ethan / 2022-09-28 11:20:53

Chesapeake Shores is about to begin airing its fifth season and for those on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Australia, you’ll be getting weekly drops of the feel-good Hallmark series.

It’s felt like an eternity for a new season of Chesapeake Shores which last aired back in 2019 and skipped a season releasing in 2020 for obvious reasons.

The show feels good, based on Sherryl Woods' novel series is now back.

For season 5, Robert Buckley joined the cast along with Jesse Metcalfe, who plays Trace Riley). Parade has a preview of Chesapeake Shores Season 5 which can be used to prepare you for the new series.

Now as we’ve covered in the past, only a handful of Netflix regions carry Chesapeake Shores and it’s also worth noting that Netflix doesn’t label the show as a Netflix Original internationally either.

The show was once carried by both the United States of America and Canada, but it has been discontinued after 2017.

What time will there be new episodes on Netflix of Chesapeak Shores?

Season 5 will air 10 episodes, which is significantly more than the six that aired with season 4.

Assuming the show doesn’t have any mid-season breaks, the new episodes will take us all the way from August 16th through to October 18th.

The new episodes of the Hallmark Channel's American series will be available on Netflix UK and Australia on Mondays.

It follows the recent trend of new seasons being aired weekly, rather than waiting for them to air.

According to Unogs, at least 36 countries carry the show and we expect the majority will drop weekly episodes but it’s best to go into your app on August 16th to see.

Here’s the current expected release schedule for Chesapeake Shores on Netflix for Season 5:

Episode Number Hallmark Release Netflix Release
Episode 01 August 15th, 2021 August 16th, 2021
Episode 02 August 22nd August 23rd
Episode 03 August 29th August 30th
Episode 04 September 5th September 6th
Episode 05 September 12th September 13th
Episode 06 September 19th September 20th
Episode 07 September 26th September 27th
Episode 08 October 3rd October 4th
Episode 09 October 10th October 11th
Episode 10 October 17th October 18th

When Chesapeake Shores Season 5 begins to drop weekly, will you be watching it on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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