Colin Kaepernick Mini-Series ‘Colin in Black & White’ is Coming to Netflix in October 2021

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Colin Kaepernick is one of the most controversial figures in sports and will be getting his own Netflix Original series. Coming to Netflix in October 2021, Colin in Black & White will explore the formative years of the former NFL Quaterback’s life and his journey to becoming a sports star and activist. Here’s everything we know so far about Colin in Black & White.

Colin in Black & White, a upcoming Netflix Original miniseries about Colin Kaepernick & Ava DuVernay is a biopic series. ARRAY Filmworks is handling the production of The Original, having previously produced the Netflix crime drama The White Tiger.

Colin Kaepernick is one of the most prominent figures in sport, due to his activism on race- and class-related issues within and outside sports.

Being such an influential figure hasn’t been without controversy, in 2017, after playing for the San Franciso 49ers since 2011, Kapernick was left without a contract and has remained unassigned since. His protests against racial injustice, brutal police officers, systematic oppression and racism in America led to Kapernick's release. The protests of his father led to increased pressure from politicians like then-President Donald Trump who demanded that NFL owners fire players who kneel during the national anthem.

colin kaepernick taking the knee protest

Colin Kaepernick (center) taking the knee before a game for the San Francisco 49ers

The symbol of taking the knee has become a powerful symbol in the fight against racism. This has led to a wide range of sporting events adopting the position as part of their pre-game routines.

paul pogba taking the knee protest

Paul Pogba, French international and Manchester United Football Club star taking the knee in protest against racism in Football/Soccer

What is the Colin In Black & White Netflix Release Date?

The first images of Colin in Black & White have been released.

Is there a plot to Colin in Black & White, or is it a misunderstanding?

This series focuses on Colin Kaepernick's early years. It follows his journey through race and class issues, which lead to him becoming a political activist and future NFL Quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers.

Who are the cast members of  Colin in Black & White?

Colin Kaepernick, former NFL Quarterback and political activist will star in the series as the narrator as we follow the NFL Quarterback’s youth through the acting chops of Jaden Michael. Jaden Michael will star in this Netflix Original. He previously played a part as Rafe on The Get Down.

colin kaepernick netflix docuseries jaden michael

Here is the Cast List for Colin in Black & White.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before
Narrator Colin Kaepernick Former NFL Quarterback
Young Colin Kaepernick Jaden Michael Paterson | NYC 22 | Wonderstruck
Rick Kaepernick Nick Offerman Parks and Recreation | The Founder | Fargo
Teresa Kaepernick Mary-Louise Parker RED | Weeds | R.I.P.D.
Crystal Klarke Pipkin Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
Eddie Amarr Holiday Rush | American Housewife | Liv and Maddie
Jake Mace Coronel Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Wireless | Pocket
Coach Parker Howard M. Lockie That Thing You Do! | Bones | House of Frankenstein
Coach Flores Ron Rogge Stranger Things | The Man in the High Castle | Power Rangers Rescue
Jordan Johnson Jacob Buster Colony | Suits | The Christmas Dragon
Lindsey Sarah Hamilton LA Mermaids | Basic Witches | Dreamcatcher
Coach Schott Jonny Lee Monk | Ctrl Alt Delete | Hawaii Five-O
Dwayne Chris O’Neal Greenhouse Academy | Raven’s Touch | How to Rock


Colin Black & White: When, where and when was filming?

The production status updates on IMDb Pro show that filming began in February 2021 and lasted for four months, before ending on June 5, 2021.

colin kaepernick netflix docuseries nick offerman

Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker as Rick and Teresa Kaepernick – Copyright. ARRAY Filmworks

How many episodes is Colin in Black & White on average?

Each episode of the miniseries will run approximately 30 minutes. There will be six episodes in total.

colin kaepernick netflix docuseries jaden michael crystal

Jaden Michael (left) and Klarke Pipkin (right) as Colin Kaepernick and Crystal – Copyright. ARRAY Filmworks

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