‘Roaring Twenties: Austin’ Coming to Netflix Weekly in December 2021

Coming Soon Ethan / 2021-11-18 03:12:22

Netflix will continue its efforts to make reality TV in December 2021 by releasing the first Roaring 20ies series. The series will debut with Roaring 20ies: Austin, which drops on Netflix worldwide on December 10, 2021.

Inaugurated as part of Netflix’s August 2021 casting call, Roaring Twenties Austin was described as an "coming-of age story" of eight twentysomethings who decided to pursue success in Austin and find love. This season's first episode will be about the so-called "new norm of 2020's America", which follows a group of young friends who experience the ups and downs of life in their 20s.

Twelve episodes were ordered ahead of time and will appear weekly, according to Netflix's Coming Soon page. The media center at Netflix also supports this. Although we will be returning with an updated schedule of episodes, in the past reality television shows have dropped multiple episodes per week.

Social media is an active platform for the series, with social media introductions to eight of its main stars.

  • Isha – the one who is always dressed to impress
  • Kamari – the one who is already camera ready
  • Natalie – the one who is ready for her first taste of freedom
  • Keauno – the one who has never been kissed
  • Micahel – the one who loves dad jokes
  • Abbey – the one who says whatever is on her mind
  • Bruce – the one who always brings the party
  • Raquel – the one who knows what she wants

Eureka Group produced Roaring Twenties, which was a notable reality show that ran for 2 seasons. They are also working closely with HBO Max, Peacock and Seven Network.

Roaring Twentyies is produced and directed by Eureka Productions. Chris Culvenor (CEO), Paul Franklin, David Tibballs, Wes Dening, Ian Gelfand, and Paul Tibballs are the executive producers.

Roaring Twenties has the potential to expand, just like other Netflix Original series. We have seen many of the reality TV series that Netflix produced, including Love is Blind. It has already been covered by a Brazilian entry as well as a Japanese one.

Roaring 20s is accepting new applications at the casting page, which suggests that season 2 of Roaring Twentysies may be on its way. It is interesting to note that the casting page also invites applicants from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, and other countries. This may indicate the future direction of the show.

Are you going to be watching Roaring Twenties Austin on Netflix when it launches worldwide, starting at December 10th? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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