‘Criminal Minds’ Leaving Netflix in June 2022 And Where To Stream

Review Ethan / 2022-07-15 07:02:21

Criminal Minds has been on Netflix US since 2014. On June 30, 2022, all 12 Netflix US seasons will end. They will now live exclusively at their permanent residence.

The show was first added to Netflix in 2014. It received an annual season drop at Netflix after the finale of the CBS season. The show, which has been on Netflix almost 10 years, will begin its gradual removal. Seasons 1-12 are now being confirmed as leaving Netflix on June 30th.

Criminal Minds, a series of police procedurals that follows an extraordinary group of FBI profilers as they try to get into the heads of psychopath criminals.

In 2021, the fifteenth season of the series was completed. This gave it a total of 324 episodes. The series also had two spinoffs, Suspect Behaviour & Beyond Borders.

Netflix hasn’t been the best place to watch Criminal Minds for quite some time as we’ve extensively covered. Since season 13 Netflix has not licensed newer episodes of Criminal Minds. Instead, they’ve been exclusively streaming at Paramount+ and these newer seasons are also available on Hulu but likely not forever.

Now as we’ve stated, Netflix is currently streaming seasons 1-12 of the show. The 12 remaining seasons will be removed on June 30, 2022.

Netflix is very disappointed by the loss.Nielsen data says that the show was Netflix US’s third most-watched title in 2020 picking up 35.41 billion minutes of viewing time. It was the number one show on Netflix USA in 2021 with 33.9 billion hours watched. It continues to be the most watched show on Netflix in America, topping the Nielsen Top 10s Acquired list each week until 2022. Each week, the show continues to draw in more than 500 million viewers.

Paramount’s NCIS will soon follow suit although our intel suggests it won’t be for another couple of years yet.

After leaving Netflix, where will Criminal Minds be streamed?

Good news: Criminal Minds is streaming now at its new location, as discussed previously.

Paramount+ will stream all 15 seasons. Paramount+ will also be giving the show a new season.

Internationally, the show continues to be distributed by Disney where the show is available on Disney+’s Star tab. Once the show leaves Netflix in full, it’ll likely mean that Criminal Minds won’t be moving again for the long-term future.

Do you think Criminal Minds will be missed when it ends on Netflix June 30, 2022? Comment below.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this report stated that only seasons 1-10 were leaving, Netflix has now updated this to be all 12 seasons.


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