‘Cursed’ Season 2: Netflix Officially Cancels Fantasy Series

Review Ethan / 2023-03-02 12:28:58

Netflix will not be bringing Cursed back for season 2. Deadline reports that the show was quietly cancelled after more than a year after its first season premiered in July 2020. Anyone following What’s on Netflix will not be particularly surprised as we said the show was over back in April 2021.

Netflix Original Medieval Fantasy Series Cursed was adapted from the Illustrated Ya book by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler.

Nimue's village and tribe are destroyed. Her mother has given her the task of finding the wizard Merlin and returning to him the Sword of Power. As the Evil Red Paladins attempt to eradicate all Feykind, the fate of the kingdom is in Nimue's hands.

Is Netflix renewing Cursed?

Netflix Renewal Status: Officially Cancelled (last update: 07/09/2021)

We reported in April 2021, after a year-long wait that Cursed had not been renewed for season 2, and that the odds of it happening were becoming increasingly remote.

We typically have to wait between 1-3 months to learn of a show’s fate on Netflix but this one (along with Letter for the King) has been dead quiet since the release.

Early signs the show was canceled was back in April when we spotted a number of props from the series had been found on eBay which could be a bad indication or that these props (which are mostly insignificant to the story) just aren’t needed anymore.

ebay listings for cursed props

Prop listings for Cursed found on eBay

Deadline announced on July 9, 2021, that the series was quietly cancelled.

“Netflix has quietly canceled the fantasy series, based on a key character from the King Arthur legend, after one season, I have learned. The cast has been released to pursue other opportunities.”

Reviews to the show were ultimately mixed and we’ve never heard how well it did through a statistic released by Netflix. It did not spend anywhere near the top 10 Netflix shows in the US or UK for 3-4 weeks.

One positive sign for the return of the show is that Katherine Langford isn’t currently announced for any new long-term projects as of yet.

We expected Season 2 to be a good continuation of Cursed.

From the second season, we have many questions to answer.

Did Nimue survive?

We knew of Nimue’s fate thanks to the season’s opening scene, and it arguably, it wasn’t surprising that Iris dealt Nimue what could be a potential death blow.

This won’t be the end of Nimue by any means, but the second season should see her transition into her role as the fabled Lady of the Lake.

We may also see the true potential of Nimue’s power in season 2. In her grief of Gawain’s death, Nimue tapped into the power of The Hidden once again, sending a magical shockwave that rippled throughout the Pendragon encampment. Just after Nimue was grabbed by the Red Paladins, Gawain’s body was magically surrounded by grass and flowers. Gawain is about to be revived?

cursed season 2 netflix renewal status nimue

Heavy is the hand that wields the sword – copyright. Arcanum

Merlin’s power returns

After spending a couple of decades without magic, in his grief and rage at the “death” of Nimue, Merlin wielded the Sword of Power for the first time in years, and as a result, his magical powers returned.

It’s unclear if Merlin needs to be wielding the sword to awaken his magical abilities, or if his magic has now been reawakened upon using the sword.

However, Merlin swears he will never use the sword again. When that time arrives, Merlin can part with the sword? He will also lose his magic abilities.

cursed season 2 netflix renewal status merlin 1

Merlin – copyright. Arcanum

A Game of Thrones

Sorry for the pun. But the backstabbing and underhanded dealings, as well as the fight for the Pendragon crown, are similar to other fantasy series.

Uther Pedragon and Cumber, the Ice King have yet to make a deal but they both possess the Sword of Power. Cumber, by blood, is the rightful inheritor, while Uther, though whiney, has proved himself to be an capable King.

Both the Church and Red Spear, rebel raider groups could change the direction of the King's tide. Uther, Cumber and their rivals will be fighting for the crown in the first season.

cursed season 2 netflix renewal status uther

Uther the false king – copyright. Arcanum

Is Arthur going to be king one day?

Everyone has the same question: Will Arthur become King?

This tale shows that Arthur and Morgana were both of low birth. They have no claim to the crown. Although we may not see Arthur rise to the throne, Nimue might be extremely influential in making it happen.

If Uther, Cumber, and both die, the crown will be left without a king. This would leave the kingdom in turmoil. This is the moment Arthur can ascend, already proving his worth as a leader and champion for the people.

cursed season 2 netflix renewal status arthur 2

Arthur is showing great leadership – copyright. Arcanum

Arthur will ever have Excalibur.

Excalibur is the most well-known sword of fantasy lore. In this case, it's the Sword of Power. It grants untold, unparalleled powers to the user.

Apart from Nimue and Arthur, Arthur will likely be the first to wield the sword.

Merlin gave some foreshadowing despite his inability to placate Cumber.

Those who chased the sword are doomed to obessesion. But those who are patient who let the sword come to them are the ones with the wisdom to weild it

Arthur stole the sword to start with but has since repented and shows almost no interest in taking it for himself.

cursed season 2 netflix renewal status arthur

Does the sword’s future rest in the hands of Arthur? -copyright. Arcanum

Did you find Cursed cancelled by Netflix after just one season? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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