‘Daybreak’ Season 2 Canceled at Netflix

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Putting the fun back into the apocalypse in 2019 was Netflix’s post-apocalyptic series, Daybreak. Many subscribers will be surprised to hear that Daybreak was cancelled after just one season.

Daybreak, a Netflix Original comedy-drama post-apocalyptic comedy drama loosely inspired by the Comic Book Series of the Same Name created by Brian Ralph (an American cartoonist). Although there are some similarities between comics and TV series, Daybreak's tone is quite different. While the series exhibits plenty of dark-comedy, there’s also plenty of camp quirky fun to accompany it. Ralph’s comic book series is excellent but is arguably far darker than its TV series counterpart.


How does Daybreak's Netflix status change?

End of Official Netflix Renewal Status (Last Updated on 28/10/2019).

Netflix has confirmed that Daybreak is canceled after a few months of waiting.

Aron Eli Coleite, co-creator of the series and executive producer confirmed this news via a Twitter:

We expected more from the second season

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the first season of Daybreak, but the defining moment that set up a  second season was that twist ending. It looked as though we would be getting a happy end after Principal Burr was defeated and the nuke bomb launched into space. During the triumphant celebrations, Josh declared once more his love to Sam. However, she was quick to reject him.

Josh was one of few people to make it through the six-months of the apocalypse without experiencing any major changes in his life. That was one of Sam’s criticisms towards her ex-boyfriend, along with rejecting the notion that she is a “damsel in distress that needs to be saved” by Josh. Sam instead discovered what her potential was and chose to lead the remaining factions of jocks.

Sam became the villain, but sadly we’ll never see her in action.

Sam the Villain

Sam has made Greendale her strongest leader by bringing the jocks, and other factions under control. Sam was supported by only Josh, Angelica and Turbo. Not to mention everyone’s favorite ghoul Ms. Crumble.

It’s unclear what sort of leader Sam would have become. Many people, like Josh, love the idea of ‘Sam Dean’, and she could have used that to her advantage to manipulate her followers. Are Tyrannical dictators content with governing her territory using iron or are they looking to grow their empire to take over Greendale? Josh and her Daybreakers were the only ones likely to have stood in her path.

Bow down to the Queen? – Copyright. Asap Entertainment

Josh, the Hero

A great villain requires a good hero. After suffering even more heartbreak from Sam, Josh would have been the reluctant hero once again. He was able to unite all of the mall survivors into the Daybreakers, not to mention Josh united some of the remaining factions to take on the Jocks under Principal Burr’s control.

Josh, like Sam was capable of inspiring people. However, his spirit might have been stifled by Sam's actions. There could have been a great battle between the warring factions if Sam had not become a threat to Greendale's Daybreakers.

What will the Ghoulies do?

Unfortunately, the full power and mutations of Ghoulies could not be explained. Although we saw some signs from Principle Burr and Ms. Crumble, that was not the end.

Principle Burr gave even a clear warning.

You were so busy fighting fighting each other, you haven’t seen the real threat coming.

We can assume that the Ghoulies are the same genetic mutation as Principle Burr, which would mean the children had to fight hard in season 2.

If all Ghoulies mutate like this… – Copyright. Asap Entertainment

Josh’s love interest

If Sam and Josh were to go to war in the second season, it would have led directly towards high school split-ups. Sam made it clear she was not interested in Josh and would have gone on. Josh on the other side is emotional and rash. Her actions would have cut her off and it would take a while to get on with life.

KJ would be the right choice to assist Josh in moving on from Sam. She almost did so in season 1. She may still have felt betrayed over Josh’s commitment to Sam, even after they spent the night together. KJ is precisely the kind of person Josh needs to let go of Sam.

Mavis, Eli's girlfriend and leftfield possibility could be Mavis. There’s still every chance Mavis may not have even existed, her cryptic responses to Josh’s questions may mean her existence was completely fabricated.

Mavis is real!? – Copyright. Asap Entertainment

What has the response of fans to critics?

Fans were clearly upset at the news, as you can see.

While this is a valid criticism, we find the Netflix Originals marketing strategy extremely inefficient. Daybreak is a prime example of a title that suffers from a lackluster marketing campaign. This can be seen in the series' cancellation.

We understand those feels, we’re disappointed too.

Is Daybreak going to be revived again?

Netflix has canceled many series. It is very unlikely that they will ever revive them. If popular comedy series Santa Clarita Diet didn’t return, then sadly we can’t see Netflix ever returning to Daybreak for more content.

There’s a chance the series could be purchased by another network, but the likelihood of another network picking up a canceled series is very slim. The fact that the series was produced by Sony meant it didn't work for One Day at a Time. However, the network was able revive the show elsewhere.

Do you want to see Daybreak in another season? Comment below to let us know!


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