‘Deadpool’ Just Arrived on Netflix For The First Time

Review Ethan / 2023-03-26 12:25:51

Nearly two years after its initial release, Deadpool has finally arrived on Netflix if you’re in the United Kingdom. Are there any other countries that will be getting Deadpool 2 before it hits cinemas in the next year?

Deadpool became one of Marvel's most beloved movies in 2016 thanks to the hit film. Fox, which is located in the same universe of the X-Men was Fox's distributor. However, they have had trouble finding a movie that will appeal to their countless X-Men sequels.

Ryan Reynolds took the lead and was Deadpool's best actor. The film won numerous awards and was the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever.

Deadpool made its debut on Netflix this week in the United Kingdom. This is Deadpool's first appearance on Netflix in the United Kingdom, beating Canada and the Netherlands as usual.

Deadpool (2016) is only streaming on Netflix in the UK.

It is possible that Sky dropped the rights to it and Netflix paid top dollars for it. This will be a key promo for Deadpool 2, due to release in June.

Why isn’t Deadpool on Netflix US?

It's not surprising that streaming and cable channels are interested in the rights due to the film's popularity. In the US, Fox has its own TV station and with its merging with Disney it means it’ll likely never add the movie to the service.

Deadpool is a regular guest on HBO. VoD is the best way to stream movies in America for cord cutters.

Netflix could pick up Deadpool for a series. It’s unlikely as Fox would have first dibs. R-rated content for Disney is unusual and Netflix's Marvel series are by far the most dark in the franchise, so this would be a great fit.


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