Dennis Quaid’s Netflix Movie ‘Blue Miracle’: May Release Date, Trailer & What We Know So Far

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Netflix’s new movie Blue Miracle is an upcoming inspirational drama based on a true story about a Mexican orphanage struggling to survive after Hurricane Odile in 2014. The film, formerly known as On the Line was first announced in October 2019. Production began the following year.

blue miracle posters

Current and updated posters for Blue Miracle

Julio Quintana directed Blue Miracle, a film starring Martin Sheen and titled The Vessel. Quintana and Chris Dowling, who co-wrote the screenplay for films like Run the Race (where Sheen stars), Priceless (where Hope Grows) and Where Hope Grows (where Dowling wrote the screenplays). Third Coast Content is producing the film, as well as Roll with It. Dowling also wrote it.

julio quintana a429402

Director Julio Quintana

Blue Miracle wasn't originally associated with a streaming service, but Netflix bought the movie in February 2021. Soon, a release date will be announced.

Blue Miracle trailer available.

The official trailer for Blue Miracle was dropped by Netflix on April 28 that also revealed the movie’s release date: May 27, 2021.

Blue Miracle: What's the Story?

omar orphanage 2

Omar Venegas with his orphanage of Casa Hogar

Blue Miracle is the true story of Casa Hogar, an orphanage teetering on the edge of foreclosure in Baja, Mexico. The story follows caretaker Omar Venegas, who devoted his life to raising the young boys with integrity, but after Hurricane Odile blows through, Casa Hogar is in danger of closing for good. The boys’ only hope is to win the prize money from the famed Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament.

Ben Howard, producer of this story, shared his thoughts about it:

“With everything against them, On the Line [Blue Miracle] is the remarkable true story of how Omar and his boys managed to pull together and achieve what seemed like the impossible and their incredible story will no doubt win the hearts of audiences around the world.”

Is the film plot different than the true story?

blue miracle 2

A still from Blue Miracle. Photo credit: Third Coast Content

It is a common occurrence with true-life adaptations. For dramatic reasons, some details or all of them may be changed. You might change the order of events, add or remove characters, and other such things.

Blue Miracle: Who are the cast members?

blue miracle 1

Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzalez in Blue Miracle. Photo credit: Third Coast Content

Blue Miracle will be led by Dennis Quaid, Far From Heaven star and The Parent Trap actor. Raymond Cruz will join Quaid, best known as his iconic role in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Tuco Salamanca roles. Jimmy Gonzalez will portray Omar Venegas as the caregiver at the orphanage. Anthony Gonzalez, Fernanda Urejola and Dana Wheeler–Nicholson will also be part of the rest.

Steve Gutierrez and Nathan Arrenas will play the orphanage boys. Isaac Arellanes and Miguel Angel Garcia will also be playing them. Javier Chapa, the producer of this film, praised the performance of these boys:

“[Casting director] Carla Hool has done a tremendous job in casting the roles of the orphanage boys, who all have unique and distinct personalities. We were all extremely impressed with what Anthony, Nathan, Steve, Isaac and Miguel all brought to their roles and we are thrilled to be working with the next generation of Latinx actors in telling this heartfelt and moving story.”

blue miracle 3

Jimmy Gonzalez as Omar Venegas in Blue Miracle. Photo credit: Third Coast Content

The complete cast for Blue Miracle is here:

Cast member Role Where have I seen/heard them before?
Dennis Quaid Wade The Parent Trap, Far From Heaven
Jimmy Gonzalez Omar Venegas Mayans M.C., Lodge 49
Raymond Cruz Hector Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul
Bruce McGill Wayne Bisbee Blue Bloods, Law Abiding Citizen
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Tricia Bisbee Nashville, Friday Night Lights
Fernanda Urrejola Becca Narcos: Mexico, Party of Five
Anthony Gonzales Geco Shameless, The Last Ship
Steve Gutierrez Tweety Snowfall
Nathan Arrenas Hollywood Diary of a Furute President
Isaac Arellanes Wiki Ghostwriter, Euphoria
Miguel Angel Garcia Moco Deputy, Ensemble
Chris Doubek Gary The Set Up
Silverio Palacios Chato Sundown, Legend of Zorro


Blue Miracle is in what stage of production?

Blue Miracle was originally known as On the Line. Production began in 2019 and ended in 2020. Blue Miracle has now entered post-production. We are awaiting the release.


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