‘Derry Girls’ to End With Season 3 on Netflix & Everything We Know So Far

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The Derry Girls will return for the third and final season, but you should be ready for a lengthy wait because COVID-19 delayed filming. Here’s what you can expect from season 3 of Derry Girls and when you can expect it on Netflix (hint: it won’t be until 2022 at the earliest).

In case you’ve missed it, Derry Girls is a comedy series based in Northern Ireland and follows four teen girls in high school getting up to all kinds of shenanigans.

It’s classed as a Netflix Original but is, in fact, produced by Channel 4 in the UK and internationally distributed by Netflix. There have been multiple Channel 4 shows that’ve come to Netflix exclusively over the past few years in a similar manner such as The End of the F***ing World and The Great British Bake Off.

As of August 2nd 2019, Season 2 has been available on Netflix around the globe. With that said, those in the United Kingdom will likely still have roughly a year’s wait before streaming it there.

Is Derry Girls renewed for Season 3?

Derry Girls Official Renewal Status Renewed (as at April 2019).

Yes, you’ve read that correctly you won’t have to wait at all when it comes to learning the fate of season 3 as it has already been confirmed.

Thanks to the show’s success on Channel 4 and how it performed internationally via Netflix, it was given an instant renewal when season 2 wrapped up in April 2019.

derry girls season 3 announcement

Derry Girls Renewal Photo – Picture: Channel 4

On the renewal, Lisa McGee who serves as the showrunner and creator said the following: “I love writing this show and I’m so thrilled to be able to continue the Derry Girls story, thank you Channel 4, Erin, and the eejits live to fight another day!”

McGee made it clear on Twitter that Derry Girls will end after three seasons.

Derry Girls Lisa Mcgee Statement

Season 3: What can you expect from Derry Girls?

The show’s third season is expected to take place around the same time as the Good Friday Agreement takes place. This means that season 3 will be set in 1998.

For the new season, it is believed that all of the main cast members will be 17 years old.

In an interview, Lisa McGee, creator of the site, said:

“They’re going to be forced to grow up a bit this series [but] they’re still eejits, they still get into a lot of trouble, and embarrass themselves and do all those things you’d expect the Derry Girls to do, but they do have to face some big things this time.”

What time will Derry Girls Season 3 premiere on Netflix US?

As you may know with British shows, they often don’t stick to a consistent release schedule.

The Derry Girls, however, had been sticking to a yearly calendar (give or take a few more months), and originally expected it to arrive either in late 2020 or early 2021. However, that now looks like it’s not going to happen thanks to the C-word we’ve all be living with throughout 2020. DigitalSpy claims that production had been originally scheduled to start in June 2020.

According to ProductionIntelligence, a site that tracks UK productions, filming is currently not set to start until “late 2021”.

In an interview with The Irish Mirror, Tara Lynne O’Neill who plays Ma Mary confirmed that filming is taking place in 2021 with the view to release the show in early 2022. According to her, the Mirror was informed:

“It’s happening this year, it’s definitely happening this year! If we leave it another year, we’ll all be old-age pensioners! It will be called ‘Derry Old Ones!’ No, we’re gonna do it this year, so it will be out early next year. We’re tied in for the filming date, we’re shooting this year,”

The show will first air in the UK via Channel 4, and will then be available on Netflix USA and other countries soon. Netflix UK will have to wait another time.

Another thing to note quickly is the fact that the series is currently being released as a movie. It remains to be determined if this will replace a fourth season.

We’ll be updating this post as we learn more about season 3 of Derry Girls and when it’ll be on Netflix. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for more Derry Girls.


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