‘Doctor Who’ Leaving Netflix UK in January 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-07-30 08:48:50

Twenty-twenty-one hasn’t even arrived yet, but we’ve already learned that one of the most popular series on the streaming service, Doctor Who, will be leaving Netflix UK in January 2021.

Doctor Who has been an almost permanent fixture of the Netflix UK library since 2013. Fans will be able to say farewell to their beloved British sci-fi series as each season arrives.

The BBC's modern Doctor Who series has enjoyed great success since its 2005 return to television. Fans old and new found the series to be a continuation of the great legacy left by the original Doctor Who series. The sci-fi drama's history has seen many ups and downs over the years, but this did not stop people from returning to Netflix time after time to watch the show.

Is Doctor Who due to be removed from Netflix UK in the near future?

According to our confirmation, Doctor Who will be leaving Netflix UK in January 2021. The series will be available if you access Doctor Who via your Netflix App, or a web browser.

doctor who scheduled to leave netflix uk in january 2021 netflix info

What number of seasons will Doctor Who be ending on Netflix UK?

Netflix UK will soon be ending all ten seasons of Doctor Who. All seasons that feature Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith as Doctors will be removed from Netflix UK.

Netflix UK is not streaming any of the Doctor Who seasons containing Jodie Whitaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.

What is the reason Doctor Who has left Netflix UK?

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a significant number of TV series from the BBC leave Netflix UK. The majority of David Attenborough's nature documentary, as well as popular comedies and dramas were removed.

A large number of BBC titles which have been removed from Netflix UK now belong to the BritBox library. It was just a matter time until Doctor Who's latest episodes were removed from Netflix.

BritBox's most loved series is the entire series of Doctor Who. BritBox will continue to grow its collection with Doctor Who's removal from Netflix UK.

The streaming licence is ending and December will end.

What are the next places I can stream Doctor Who?

BritBox, as we have discussed previously, will be the home of all the current seasons of Doctor Who. BritBox is the other streaming home for Doctor Who, along with iPlayer by the BBC.

Is Doctor Who coming back to Netflix UK?

We can never definitely say Doctor Who won’t return to Netflix UK in the future. Sadly, it’s just highly unlikely. If the series were to return to Netflix UK it’s more than likely only a small number of seasons would be made available to stream.

Are you sad that Doctor Who will be ending Netflix UK's subscription in January 2021, or are you happy? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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