‘Dogs of Berlin’ Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

Review Ethan / 2023-02-12 08:43:04

German Police-drama Dogs of Berlin will be the second German Netflix Original After Dark. Since its 2017 announcement, the upcoming series was highly anticipated. Here’s everything we know so far about Netflix Original Dogs of Berlin.

Netflix's influence has grown in many countries around the globe. Netflix continues to produce content from other European countries, despite a recent focus on Asian audiences. Netflix's 31st foreign-language title is Dogs of Berlin.

Important: We mean shows that are almost entirely in another language than English. This also does not include co-productions, children’s programs or Animations.

The plot is it?

Dogs of Berlin is about the assassination of Orkan Erde, a German-Turkish soccer star. Two police officers were sent into Berlin to uncover the truth about the crime and they found it. Although the list of possible suspects includes Neo-Nazis and the Berlin Mafia it is not easy to see who they are. But will truth bring them down a darker path? How deep is this conspiracy?

Which actor is part of the cast?

Unless you’re a big fan of German TV and Film we’d be surprised if you recognized the names below.

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them before?
Kurt Grimmer Felix Kramer Dark, Der Zurich-Krimi, Anatomy 2
Sabine ‘Bine’ Ludar Anna Maria Muhe NSU: German History X, Love in Thoughts, November
Gert Seiler Urs Rechn Son of Saul, The King’s Surrender, X Company
Paula Grimmer Katharina Schuttler Free Fall, Sophiiie!, Generation War
Erol Birkan Fahri Yardim The Physician, Irre sind mannlich, Tatort
Guido Mack Sebastian Achilles Lifelines, Becks Letzer Sommer, Alles Klara
Hans Kuscha Antonio Wannek Never Mind the Wall, A Map of the Heart, Generation War
Trinity Sommer Hannah Herzsprung The Reader, Who Am I, 4 Minutes


Photographs of production

Even though its release is imminent there hasn’t been a large selection of photos to of released. We’re unsure if the Beagle is a police dog or civilian. The Beagle is cute in any case.

Do you have a trailer?

Dogs of Berlin has just released the official trailer!


What is the date of release?

Dogs of Berlin will be released worldwide on December 7th!

Are there any German-language titles that Netflix is working on?

Yes! Yes!

Six more titles were ordered by Netflix. These are future German titles that will be available on Netflix.

Title Genre Release Date
Don’t Try This at Home German Language Drama TBA
Skylines German Language Drama TBA
The Wave German Language Drama TBA
Untitled German Language Miniseries German Langauge Miniseries TBA
The Barbarians German Language Period Epic TBA
Tribes of Europe German Language Science Fiction TBA


Is there a second season?

Netflix doesn’t usually order shows in blocks as shows are ordered season by season. Its future will depend on the success of Dogs of Berlin.



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