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With the just over one-minute teaser trailer recently released for the upcoming starstudded black comedy, Don't Look Up. Anticipation is sky-high for the movie, which could be a significant player at the academy awards. And my gut tells me it's fantastic. But what's the film about? Who's in it? And when will we see it on our screens? all good questions, and that's why we decided to answer them in this video, as we take an extensive look into the upcoming movie. Let's go.


Cast | Don't Look Up

Let's start with the cast and crew, shall we? Adam McKay will direct and write the movie. He has previously helmed cult classic comedies, along with anchorman and stepbrothers and the opposite men. Don't look up seems to be following the same trajectory of both the big fast and evil, with the movie being labeled as a sci-fi, black comedy. Also, like the big short, advice, the movie has a massive cast and is another example of timothy chalamet being in a monster ensemble, like seriously, dune, the french dispatch, and don't look up, all in one year. Does that guy have a horseshoe up his axe or something? Leonardo DiCaprio, who will be playing dr Randall Mindy, and Jennifer Lawrence, who will be playing Kate Dibioski, will be the two lead characters. The rest of the cast is genuinely stacked, with timothy chalamet and Jonah Hill, Kate Blanchette. Chris Evans, Ariana grande. Mark Rylance gina Gershon Ron Perlman. Matthew Perry, Tyler Perry. Melanie Linsky. Michael Chiklis. Hamish Patel. And Meryl Streep, the only president. So yeah, that's a pretty big cast. It's also Jennifer Lawrence's first role since she took a mini-break, partly because McKay wrote the part specifically for her. And it will be great to see her back on the big screen once again.
It took Dicaprio a bit longer to convince. Leo and McKay went over the script for about four to five years, tweaking it occasionally and finally making some changes before Leo signed on. While Meryl Streep will be playing president Janie Orlean, jonah hill will be playing her disinterested son and chief of staff, Jason Orlean. Judging by the trailer set photos and their listed titles, we assume that Pearlman will be playing astronaut colonel bendrask. At the same time, Michael chigless looks like a tv host, Ariana grande and kid Cudi seem to be in a relationship. And Tyler perry and an almost unrecognizable Kate Blanchett seem to be news anchors on a daily rip program. Other than that, though, we don't know a whole bunch about the characters. But given that this is an adam McKay movie, they will all probably have their eccentricities. And we could only hold out hope for another brilliant Cameo by Margot Robbie.


Plot |Don't Look Up

Then let's Moving on to the plot. The film will be directed by Lawrence and DiCaprio's characters, dr Randal Mindy and kate dibioski. Two low-level astronomers discovered that a comet was heading towards Earth and could cause massive destruction. The two go on a media tour to warn the general populace of the impending decimation of the planet. But their warnings seemingly fall on deaf ears, with no one heeding their warning, including the presidents of the united states and her son. Despite the apocalyptic subject matter, the movie will not be taking itself too seriously. It will be much closer to McKay's other work than the likes of, say, armageddon. With the movie set to be a satire, it will more than likely use the opportunity to poke fun at the current social and political climate and likely make a few jokes at politicians' and the media's expense. We don't know much about the film, but DiCaprio's character appears to be anxious based on the trailer.
Lawrence, on the other hand, seems to enjoy her drink. This could impact the plot and explain why people don't take them seriously. Hill's Jason appears to be more concerned with Mindy's breathing than anything. But then again, his character seems to be a douchebag. Based on the trailer, however, it appears that some action was taken. Pearlman and other astronauts headed towards the comet. This suggests that they are at least trying to destroy it. But that's just guesswork at this point.


Release Date |Don't Look Up

So, when can we expect to see the film shortly? Principal photography started in April 2020 but was ultimately pushed back due to coven 19. It began for real in November 2020, with filming predominantly taking place in Boston, which stood in for new york, because, you know, it costs a fortune to film in new york. Before rapping in February 2021, filming was delayed briefly because Jennifer Lawrence had a minor setback when a controlled glass explosion went awry. The movie is now in postproduction and is poised to play a significant role in this year's awards season. The film will be released theatrically on December 10 before being available on Netflix on Christmas Eve. Because what's more festive than a black comedy about an impending apocalypse? We expect the film to be a significant player at the academy award, given its winter release. And if it's as good as we're led to believe, it could find itself in contention for several Oscars, likely in the writing and acting field. Don't lookup. Although it might not be released yet, Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay will team up once again for the movie lousy blood. This film follows Elizabeth Holmes, an entrepreneur. She creates a biotech firm that rockets herds of fame until the government starts to take notice.


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