‘Edens Zero’ Part 2 Coming to Netflix in November 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-05-10 18:37:38

Edens Zero was a hit on Netflix this summer. The good news? More is expected to arrive in November, as predicted. Below we’re taking a look at when Edens Zero part 2 is coming to Netflix, and what to expect.

Edens Zero, a Netflix Original Japanese Anime Series licensed internationally by J.C. Staff is the adaptation from the manga series the same title by Hiro Mashima. Fans will be familiar with Mashima's distinctive artwork, which is best known for his creation of Fairy Tail.

The first half of Edens Zero dropped onto Netflix in August 2021 while episodes of Edens Zero “part 2” aired in Japan over the summer.

Is Edens Zero Part 2 on Netflix when?

Netflix decided to broadcast the first episode of Edens Zero in two seasons, rather than wait for them to air all 25 episodes.

The first episode of Edens Zero is still being shown in Japan by Nippon TV.

Season finale for Edens Zero will air on Sunday September 3, 2021. However, we aren’t expecting to see the second batch of episodes released on Netflix until November or December.

The notice confirming this was correct showed that Edens Zero Part 2 will drop additional episodes November 24, 2021.

Part 2: What can you expect from Edens Zero?

Shiki, who has left Granbell Kingdom to make friends with Rebecca and Happy, already knows a few people. Now the rightful captain and owner of the space ship Edens Zero, in order to return the ship to its full power Shiki still needs to seek out the sister’s Valkyrie and Hermit.

His crew includes Sister Ivry, Happy, Weisz and Witch Regret as well as Rebecca, Happy, Happy, Weisz, Witch Regret and Mosco.

edens zero crew artwork

The crew of Edens Zero

The first season ended with Shiki and the crew finding Hermit, but it’s highly unlikely she’ll be able to join the crew immediately. This means we expect to see Shiki and the crew of Edens Zero help Hermit with whatever problem she has before she’ll join them.

Once Hermit has joined the crew, they’ll only need to seek out Valkyrie, the master of Homura. Once all four Shining Stars have joined the crew, Edens Zero will be restored and they'll have the power to cross Dragonfall and find Mother.

What number of manga chapters will Edens Zero's second half cover?

Edens Zero's first 12 episodes covered thirty chapters. The second episode will have thirteen episodes, instead of the usual twelve. Part 2 will cover Chapters 31 through Chapter 68. This totals 37 chapters.

edens zero manga volumes

The covers of the first three volumes of Edens Zero – Copyright. Kodansha USA

Are we likely to get more seasons of Edens Zero in the future?

As of the writing of this article, there were 156 chapters published in Edens Zero. This would suggest that subscribers could look forward to many more seasons.

If each season is covering roughly thirty to forty chapters, then at a minimum we’d expect to see a minimum of five seasons on Netflix.

Do you want to see more Edens Zero episodes on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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