Elsa Pataky Netflix Movie ‘Interceptor’: What We Know So Far

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Netflix has been producing action-packed features films all around the world and it is placing a lot of faith in them. Interceptor is an Australian movie that will feature Elsa Pataky, a model and actress.

Netflix’s Interceptor will be directed by Matthew, who is an acclaimed Australian action/thriller writer known for bestselling books including Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, Seven Ancient Wonders and The Tournament. Reilly's directorial debut with Interceptor is made. The script for Interceptor was written by Reilly along with BAFTA nominee Stuart Beattie (Collateral, Tomorrow, When the War Began).

matt reilly 2

Director and writer Matthew Reilly

Beattie will be producing the project for Ambience Entertainment with Matthew Street, Michael Boughen and Christopher Mapp. Executive producers will be Chris Hemsworth and Kathy Morgan as well as Robert Slaviero and Peter D. Graves.

Matthew Street, Producer, commented about working with Netflix and the team on Interceptor.

“When the opportunity came to work with award winning writers, Matthew Reilly and Stuart Beattie, we knew we had something special on our hands. Interceptor is a fantastic action story with a stellar cast and with the support of Netflix, we’re excited to see an Australian made film travel to audiences across the globe.” 

Is there a plot to Interceptor's story?

Not a whole lot of the plot is known for Netflix’s Interceptor, but we do have an official logline from Netflix:

When sixteen nuclear missiles are launched at the US, and a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens her remote missile interceptor station, one Army lieutenant must utilize her years of tactical training and military expertise to save humanity as we know it. 

Matthew Reilly, the director and writer of this logline is better than a mere description.

 “As those people who have read my novels know, I love telling big action stories that are told at a frenetic pace. I wanted to bring that kind of rocket-fast, relentless, high-stakes storytelling to film, and so Interceptor was born. Elsa is just perfect as our lead: a strong, independent and determined woman who, in the face of overwhelming odds, just refuses to give up.” 

Who plays Interceptor in the film?

interceptor cast

Lead actors Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey

Netflix’s Interceptor will be led by Spanish actress and model Elsa Pataky, who is best known for her role as Elena in the Fast & Furious franchise. Pataky plays JJ Collins in Interceptor. She is an Army lieutenant and must use her tactical training as well as military knowledge to save the world.

Interceptor‘s second lead will be Luke Bracey, who has appeared in such projects as Hacksaw Ridge, G.I. Joe, Holidate, and the forthcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Belinda Jombwe, Paul Caesar (Home and Away), Marcus Johnson (The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee) and Aaron Glenane ("Snowpiercer") are other cast members.

What’s the production status on Interceptor?

Netflix’s Interceptor entered production on March 29 2021 in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia. Don Harwin, Minister for New South Wales Arts shared his enthusiasm for New South Wales's opportunity to supply manpower and more jobs.

“Securing Netflix’s Interceptor is further proof that NSW’s screen industry is taking off, boosting our economy and creating jobs as international productions seek out the winning combination of highly skilled cast and crew, technical ability, competitiveness and creativity. As we put the world on notice that NSW is a global leader in film, it’s fitting that this action-blockbuster will once again showcase NSW’s production, CGI and VFX prowess.”

Elsa Pataky, the lead actress, worked hard alongside Chris Hemsworth as a producer. She later reported that she had started filming in her first week. At the moment, no information is available on when production will end.


What date will Interceptor debut on Netflix?

Netflix’s Interceptor has no official release date yet, but considering the March 2021 production start, it should normally be released by mid-2022.


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