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Created by Stefan Jaworski and directed by Roni Ezra for Netflix, 'Elves,' also known as 'Nisser,' is a horror drama show that revolves around Josefine Svane and her family as they visit the eerie island of Årmandsø. Josefine nursed a baby Elf back to health after she found it. Then chaos breaks out as flesh-eating forest creatures attack the inhabitants. In a unique combination of supernatural horror and family drama, the Danish-language series is interesting.

Against the usually cozy backdrop of Christmastime, the Svanes encounter dangerous situations and fear for their lives in Årmandsø. The season continues and we learn more about Josefine's friendship with Kee Ko. However, it is hard not to be disappointed in her stubbornness and impulsive actions. This is the place to go if you are curious about the 'Elves Season 1 Episode 1 and Ending. SPOILERS BELOW.

Elves Season 1 Episode 1

The season opens with Møller, a resident of Årmandsø, leaving a cow outside an electrified fence; the cow is promptly attacked by a strange creature. Afterward, we meet Josefine, a teenager who is going to Årmandsø for a Christmas vacation with her parents, Mads and Charlotte, and her older brother, Kasper.

After reaching Årmandsø, Josefine's parents are advised to take the coastal road but they drive through a forest instead. Mads spots a substance black in the bumper of their car after it hits something. Josefine finds more of it in the nearby grass and leads to the fence. However, Møller shows up and rudely asks them to continue on their way and stay away from the fence.

They relax at their log cabin. Josefine decides to leave the log cabin in search of a barn. Josefine later requests her parents for permission to go to the fence with her because she may have accidentally hit an animal there. They strongly refuse. Josefine rides to the fence by nightfall, sneaking out at night. In the grass, she finds a small creature — a baby elf — with its leg bleeding. She takes the baby elf with her to the barn and wraps it in a jacket.

Josefine provides first aid to the elf and some food for him on his next morning. Møller and Anders sacrifice another cow to placate the elves. Kasper meets Josefine, the baby elf. He promises to not rat her out. However, Møller spies on the Svane kids and discovers their secret. After running back to Anders, he finds that his friend has his head thrown at his vehicle. Josefine, their baby, is clearly the reason that the Elf are attacking human beings.

Karen assures the townfolk that they will find peace among the humans and elves after they meet. Josefine names Kee-Ko the Elf. Karen then invites the Svanes over for coffee. Josefine inquires about Karen's fence. Karen, an older woman, talks about humankind’s exploitation and abandoning nature without speaking of the elves.

Josefine snoops around Karen's house and overhears a conversation between her and Møller; she realizes that they are planning to take Kee-Ko away. She rushes back to the barn but Møller drives away with Kee-Ko in a sack. Josefine continues to ride her bike with Moller. When Møller opens the fence for a moment to free Kee-Ko, Josefine quietly slips out into the forest.

The Svanes soon discover Josefine is gone. Kasper tells them that Josefine is trying to heal an injured elf. Kasper, sent by Karen to get the key from Karen, drives to the fence. Liv, however, accepts the keys and goes with Kasper. Josefine, however, discovers an abandoned sawmill. Josefine is attacked by an elf full grown and she accidentally switches on the sawing machines to kill it.

A brawl breaks out after Møller arrives — the electrified fence gets damaged and Møller gets injured. Charlotte takes his keys, breaks the fence and then sprints into the forest. Kee Ko shows Josefine the path out, and the two are soon reunited. After the mother and child escape, the Elfs begin attacking the unelectricified fence.

Kasper and Liv find that there is a gap in the fence, but must remain put to keep the elves away for the night. Josefine forms an apology to her parents. Karen reveals that the elves have never escaped before and asks Mads and Møller to re-electrify the fence. Kasper hears Liv explain to him the sacredness of her land, and why she must stay. Karen, Charlotte, Josefine and Josefine then hide in the barn while the elves enter the town. On the other hand, Mads is forced to abandon Møller when he gets ambushed by two elves. It turns out the elves have attacked because Josefine had killed one. Karen convinces him that it is only her who can save them.

Elves Season 1, Episode 1: Josefine Died?

Karen drugged Josefine and chained her to an iron pole in the forest. Then, she offered to sacrifice her to the elves. Kee Ko appears, and assists Josefine with the digging of the pole. Møller, Liv, and Kasper arrive as well. Karen points a rifle at the group and warns them not to release Josefine. Kee Ko attacks Karen while Liv releases Josefine. Karen's body gets eaten by elves while the rest of the group flees. Josefine pleads with Kee-Ko for her to go along, but Kee Ko doesn't respond. They are all saved by the elves, who attack the car as they return. The fence is then re-electrified.

The Svanes get ready to return home later. Josefine is reunited with her mother after she weeps over Kee Ko. When Møller gives her the go-ahead, Liv decides to join the Svanes and finally escape from Årmandsø. Josefine is spared by the Elf because her family and Kee Ko are able to save her. But she does not know that the familiar baby Elf is under her car.

The Fence is a Fence! Why do they attack humans?

Karen says the fence will be used to fence off poisoned sawmill ground, but the fence actually separates flesh-eating and human elves and keeps the forest away from the town. A treaty was made 15 years ago to allow the elves and humans access to their forest land. It prevents underground elves and humans alike from wandering from their territories. In order to avoid more bloodshed, islanders often offer cattle as sacrifices.

Elves exist in nature, so the islanders have no choice but to maintain the physical separation between the groups. The magic could also work, and humans might find themselves living on the same ground as the elves in their own areas. Josefine kills an elf and Josefine is the first to be attacked by the elves. Elves are averse to violence and justice and will kill anyone who steals or murders their human counterparts.

Why Doesn't Karen Let Liv Leave Årmandsø? Is Karen dead or alive?

Through Liv's conversations with Kasper we realize that Karen prevents Liv from leaving Årmandsø. Liv would love to visit Copenhagen. But Karen says that islanders are closely connected with nature, and it's their obligation to safeguard it. She dismisses all things city-related, and focuses on their smelly and smokey ambience.

Karen expected Liv to assume her position after her passing. However, Liv didn't even go to school because her grandmother was a teacher of her worldview. It seems as though a curse of sorts might follow those who leave Årmandsø. Karen even damages the radio to avoid Liv from seeking outside help when the elves attack — perhaps outsiders finding out about the elves can cause some kind of magical damage.

Karen shifted to Årmandsø from Copenhagen and spent almost her entire life with her now-late husband on the island. Karen could want Liv to have a close relationship with her, so she submits to the frightening but familiar forces that nature has to offer. In a strange way, the Svanes and Liv don't know, Karen almost believes in the power of nature. Karen is breathing, even though we can see them eating her flesh. Karen appears to be dead, since being eaten alive seems unimaginable.

Josefine or Kee-Ko?

Josefine weeps as she departs Kee Ko in the finale. However, in the final shot, we see Kee-Ko hanging on to the underside of the Svanes' car, on the ferry leaving Årmandsø. Kee-Ko, however, decides to join Josefine. However she's not aware of this yet. Josefine is clearly the reason that Kee-Ko abandoned a life of elves and decided to leave behind her friendship with Kee. Josefine is sure to be thrilled to see her baby elf. But Kee-Ko's appearance indicates that the Elf will continue their pursuit of the Svanes, the Svanes, and the islanders.


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