‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Has Been Removed From Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-04-23 06:27:50

Those waking up today thinking they’d continue their binge watch of Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix was no doubt very disappointed the learn that every season of Everybody Loves Raymond has been removed from the Netflix library in the United States.

Everybody Love Raymond, an American sitcom that is beloved and highly regarded by viewers across the country, was produced by CBS. It aired 210 episodes over its nine seasons, which ran from 1996 through 2005. Everybody Loves Raymond was streaming online on Netflix since 1996. However, as the yearly renewals of their contracts come into effect, Netflix seems to have decided not to renew the contract and instead opted for a deal that would allow the streaming.

Although it has left Netflix, what CBS’s intentions with regards to its future streaming is yet to be known. As of right now, it’s yet to show up as part of the Hulu lineup which is where we expected it to end up given that CBS owns a portion of Hulu. We’re also not seeing it join the Amazon Prime lineup either. What is likely, is that over the coming weeks, we’ll find out the new home of Everybody Loves Raymond. If I was a betting man I’d say it’s either going exclusive on CBS’s own ‘All Access’ platform or join Hulu.

This is just one of the many shows that will be leaving in September 2016, including Fringe, ALIAS and others. They are all scheduled to depart later in the month. It’s also worth pointing out that Everybody Loves Raymond isn’t the highest profile title to leave the service in 2016, as that title is awarded to Doctor Who which later announced it was going exclusive on Prime.

As soon as we hear where Everybody Loves Raymond will end up, we’ll let you know here on What’s on Netflix.


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