‘Extracurricular’ Season 1: Netflix K-Drama, Plot, Cast, Trailer & Netflix Release Date

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Extracurricular is the next full-fledged Original K-Drama and will continue to build on the excellent series of new Dramas that arrive every month on Netflix. Extracurricular's plot, cast, and Netflix release date are all covered in our Extracurricular article.

Jim Han Sae will direct Extracurricular, a new Netflix Original K-drama series. Kim Jin-Min has directed the series, known for his roles in Lawless Attorney and Pride and Prejudice and Marriage Contract.

What is the Netflix release date of Extracurricular?

Extracurricular's first season will debut on Netflix April 29, 2020.

We’re still waiting for the confirmation on the number of episodes, but every episode of Extracurricular will be available to stream on Netflix upon release.

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What's the story of Extracurricular?

Oh Ji Soo, a high school student, commits crimes in order to fund his university education. Seo Min Shee, a school bully, becomes involved in Oh Ji Soo's crimes along with others students seeking quick money. Oh Ji Soo transforms from a model student into a criminal to achieve his goals.

What are the extracurricular cast members?

These cast members were confirmed as Extracurricular stars:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Oh Ji Soo Kim Dong Hee Itaewon Class | Sky Castle | A-Teen
Seo Min Hee Jung Da Bin Should We Kiss First? | Falling for Innocence | Ugly Alert
Bae Gyu Ri Park Joo Hyun A Piece of Your Mind | The Dude In Me
Gi Tae Nam Yoon Soo Playing Oppa | I Am Not a Robot | The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen
Lee Wang Chul Choi Min Soo Lawless Attorney | Faith | Road Number One
Cho Jin Woo Park Hyuk Kwon The Nokdu Flower | Hit the Top | Six Flying Dragons
Lee Hae Kyung Kim Yeo Jin Meow, the Secret Boy | Itaewon Class | Children of Nobody
Dae Yeol Im Ki Hong Byul Soon Geom 2 | Big Forest | Player
TBA Woo Da Bi Midnights Cafe | Triple Fling 2

Kim Dong Hee is in fine form and has starred in many of the best K-Dramas over the years.

Jung Da Bin is a veteran screen star at just 19 years old. Jung Da Bin has been a star in 28 TV and 5 film roles since she was five years old.

What was the date that Extracircular was filmed?

We don’t have confirmation on when filming began for the series, but the cast of Extracirruclar had been announced by the end of April 2019.

Kim Dong Hee, the lead actor, confirmed that filming was finished on August 7, 2019. He posted an Instagram picture, in which he thanked the staff for all their hard work during the summer heat.

Do you look forward to Extracirrucular's release?


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