‘Extracurricular’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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Fans of K-Drama Extracurricular will soon be curious about the future of the show after a successful first season. That firmly rests in the hands of Netflix, who have yet to make a decision on the future of Extracurricular, but we’ll be keeping track of everything season 2 related, including the renewal status and Netflix release date.

Extracurricular, a Netflix Original Crime K-Drama Series written and directed by Kim Jin-Min, is called Netflix Original Crime K-Drama Series. Kim Dong Hee stars in this series. She was also a star of the popular Itaewon Class series and Sky Castle. Jung Da Bin is the lead female character in the series at 19 years old. She has been on TV since she was 5.

Oh Ji Soo, a high school student, commits crimes in order to fund his university education. Seo Min Shee, a school bully, becomes involved in Oh Ji Soo's crimes along with others students seeking quick money. Oh Ji Soo transforms from a model student into a criminal to achieve his goals.

Netflix Extracurricular Season 2 Renewal Status

Current Official Netflix Renewal Status (Last Updated 06/05/2020).

K-Drama lovers have already been enjoying Extracurricular, which has been streaming on Netflix since the beginning of this writing. It’s still early for Netflix to make a decision on the future of the series, which can typically take the streaming service up to a month, and longer, to renew.

K-Dramas are a very popular genre on Netflix. The streaming site has made it a household name.

It may take a while, as other K-Dramas have taken time to announce their renewals such as Love Alarm and Persona but we’re fully expecting to see Extracurricular receive its renewal soon.

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Netflix Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date

We can only speculate about the next season of Extracurricular until renewal has been confirmed.

Take into account that Extracurricular's first season was produced in late spring/early summer 2019, and filming concluded on August 6, 2019.

If filming were to start at the same moment this year, then we might see an April 2021 release.

It’s more than likely that filming for Extracurricular season 2 would begin later this year, which means at the earliest we’d expect to see the series return to Netflix in the Summer of 2021.

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