Fans Continue Fight for Netflix to Save CBS’s ‘Scorpion’

Review Ethan / 2023-02-12 03:42:33

Scorpion is now off air for more than a year. Fans are continuing to fight Netflix and other streaming services for the show's revival for season 5. Here’s an overview of the show’s cancellation plus we’ll detail how fans are trying to get the show renewed.

Netflix is known for bringing back many TV shows. Just this year they’ve revived both Designated Survivor and Lucifer from the dead. That’s why when networks cancel shows, Netflix is often the subject of campaigns to revive the show for future seasons. The current big campaigns are Shadowhunters and Deception, which were recently cancelled by ABC.

Scorpion was a CBS series that ran for four seasons and then was cancelled. Due to declining viewing numbers, the show was cancelled on May 2018.

However, the campaign continues.

What can you do to save Scorpion?

As with many of the biggest TV revival campaigns, there’s a selection of smart fans who manage to mobilize people to help their campaigns. One fan for Scorpion has set up a “#SaveScorpion checklist” which sets out a bunch of different methods of getting noticed and heard by not only Netflix but other networks too.

The checklist includes many methods we’ve promoted in the past. The Netflix title request function is one of the most effective ways to get noticed. The form answers go directly to Netflix and are often promoted by Netflix.

The next step is social media. Many for Scorpion are using the hashtag “#SaveScorpion”.

Is it possible for the show to be resurrected?

Given each passing day, the chances of the show’s revival grow less and less. The networks tend to reboot shows when the iron is hot. We also have to take into account that Netflix has viewing figures for multiple regions of where Scorpion is streaming and its likely concluded that it’s not worth reviving.

Do you want Scorpion to be saved? Or do you feel the show is done for and should go to bed? Comment below.


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