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Every episode of Fate: The Winx Saga is packed with unexpected twists and turns, from dragon flame foreshadowing to easter eggs announcing the appearance of fan favorites Tecna and Flora.
Hello, movie buffs! Today, I'm revealing all of the fantastic things you might have missed in the first season of Netflix's live-action Winx Club, including the unexpected twist that Ms. Dowling's destiny in the finale might not be what it seems.

Fairy Wings Foreshadowing


We will, of course, be talking spoilers, so take care. Although the new series initially downplays fans' expectations of getting to see the Winx with fairy wings.

Just kinda bummed I didn't see a single pair of wings.

Well, we had wings in the past. As we've evolved, transformation magic has been lost.

Bloom's crimson butterfly on the lamp she delivers to Alfea is a brilliant foreshadowing of her major metamorphosis in the finale when she sprouts wings as she unleashes the dragon flame's power within her. And that scene pays homage to Bloom's original Winx Club transformation elements, albeit with notable differences. The fire that licks around her as she goes full fairy is similar to the animation. However, in Winx Club, the fire wrapping around Bloom is accompanied by a costume change. If you're disappointed by the Netflix show's lack of costume change, remember that Bloom has only just discovered the Dragon Flame. As her powers grow in the future, her transformations may well become bigger and better. And hopefully, the other Winx Suite members will also get wings, like in the animated show.


By the way, in the original Winx Club, the Dragon Flame also gave Bloom healing abilities, including the time she was able to save Sky after a fatal attack. It appears that in Fate, Bloom has also acquired a similar power when she heals a cut on Sky's face just by touching it.

Is Farah Still Alive?


Another big moment from the final episode comes when Rosalind abruptly kills Farah with her magic by snapping her neck. This was an unexpected and shocking moment and a somewhat underwhelming way for a powerful fairy-like Ms. Dowling to exit the show. If you're a Farah fan, though, you can take solace in the subtle hint you might have missed in the scene that suggests the former headmistress may still be alive. Farah's eyes light up immediately before Rosalind assaults her, implying that she is using her power to defend herself from an impending attack from her arch-enemy.
Farah's dead body may be an illusion she's cast to fool Rosalind, like many of the other misconceptions we've seen fairies cast in the show. And if you're at all skeptical, then remember that Sky's father Andreas was brought back from the dead despite the seemingly lethal blow that Silva landed on him. And let's not forget that handy healing power that Bloom has, either.

Flora:Season 2


Terra and Musa's casting has been a source of controversy because it removed both Latin and Asian representation from the new series, making the primary cast less diverse than the original noughties animation. When Terra shares additional details about her family to Musa, there is a hint of a possible resolution for viewers dissatisfied by the lack of Flora in the series.
"I've got this cousin called Flora, and my mum's called Rose." Hopefully, the Flora namedrop means that the OG Winx Club nature fairy modeled on Jennifer Lopez will be introduced in a future season.

Tecna: Easter Egg

Another missing founding fairy from the animated series is Tecna, the fairy of technology. However, in the first season, there is a clue that may have revealed her or someone close to her. In the third episode, when Bloom is studying some of the Alfea yearbooks, the camera deliberately goes in close on one of the pages, lingering on it for several seconds. Interestingly, one of the names on the page, "Devon Walker," is described as a Science Fair winner. This appears to be this former Alfea alumna, who also appears in the center of this group photo and who Bloom described as a "Farah Fawcett" resemblance when she spotted her in a school portrait on one of the walls.

The show seems to be calling attention to this character. The fact that she was exceptionally skilled at science could imply that this is Tecna, or if not Tecna herself, someone related to her, for example, her mother. Of course, this may be just a tease to a brand new original character that will be introduced later on. Still, either way, it seems likely she will have some significance to a future storyline.
Also mentioned on the page is somebody called "Sparta West 'Red'." Suppose you've any theories about Tecna or either of these two characters. Comment below!



When Bloom meets Rosalind for the first time, the show implies that the voices Bloom has been hearing calling to her have been Rosalind's all along. However, suppose you go back and listen to Bloom's ghostly voices heard initially calling to her. In that case, they sound pretty different from Rosalind's voice. These may be a hint and tease to Daphne, a type of spirit guardian and sister to Bloom in Winx Club. Similar to the mysterious voice calling Bloom in the new show, Daphne's ghost also called Bloom in Winx Club to come and find her.
"I'm all around you Bloom. I'm within you Bloom. I'll show you." "Woh! Daphne!"
Daphne was also once a guardian of the Dragon Flame, and so if she appears in the show, she'll likely have a part to play in helping Bloom learn about that power.

The Trix


Alfea's resident bad girl Beatrix may be an air fairy. However, her name references the villainous Trix sisters from Winx Club, who were witches. Beatrix also says that she's from Aster Dell, a village of Blood Witches, suggesting Beatrix may turn out to be a witch in the show rather than a fairy. And, even though Beatrix looks to share traits with the three original Trix, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, I wouldn't be surprised if she discovers she has a few wicked sisters or relatives in the future season.

Riven & Machiavelli


And if you were ever in any doubt that bad boy Riven would end up joining Beatrix on the Dark Side, the infamous book on his desk is a dead giveaway. Rosalind lying about evacuating Aster Dell so she could destroy the Blood Witches living there as well as the Burned Ones, as well as the overall theme of Machiavelli's "The Prince" that it's justifiable to act in an immoral way to achieve political goals, also points to some of the pieces in the first season, such as Rosalind lying about evacuating Aster Dell so she could destroy the Blood Witches living there as well as the Burned.


Another little detail about Riven you might have missed comes in the final episode when he meets Rosalind for the first time. Notice how both his and Dale's eyes light up as she enters the room, which might indicate that they have hidden magical talents, or how Rosalind's eyes blazed at the same time, implying that she's cast a spell on them to entice them to her side as she takes control of the school.

Aisha's Power of Morphix


There's a hint that we could see some of the more exciting powers Aisha had in the animated series in Fate. For clues, let's take a look at the scene where Farah explains her water-based powers to Aisha.

A mass of water is persistent and reliable. A drop of water is unpredictable. Vague. Amorphous. Can you isolate it? Can you maintain that which fights form?

Farah's description of water as "amorphous" could be a reference to "Morphix," Aisha's power source in Winx Club, and a mystical, malleable substance created by the fairy by rearranging water molecules. I'm not sure whether the Fate showrunners will go there, but there were some cool things like Aisha's Morphix Surfboard that could be awesome to see in live-action.
By the way, there's also a hint in Fate that Aisha might be a princess like she is in Winx Club when Stella tells Bloom to ask Aisha about what it means to lose a Crown Jewel.

That might not mean much to a First Worlder. Feel free to ask your suite-mate how big of a screw-up that is.

Almost as big as giving it to her in the first place.

Musa: Easter Eggs


Another change from Winx Club is Musa being a mind fairy rather than a fairy of music. There are a few references to her musical history in the new series, from the DJ poster on the wall next to her bed to how she listens to music on her headphones to drown out reading other people's feelings to the fact that she tells Riven she used to be a dancer.

I wouldn't expect a mind fairy to have such good moves.

I used to be a dancer.

Winx Fashion


Fashion was a massive part of Winx Club, and fans of that aspect of the OG show will likely be disappointed with the costuming on Fate. There is perhaps a tiny nod to Winx Club fashion when Bloom is surprised at how often Stella changes her clothes each day.

So, a casual thing you're changing for?

People have seen me in this outfit already. They'll expect something different.

People expect you to wear multiple outfits a day?

And there's another neat little homage to the OG series when Bloom reveals that she was born in 2004, a reference to how Winx Club first premiered on Italian TV in that year.

So what did you think of Fate: The Winx Saga, and how it changed from the animated series? And do you have any theories on what you'd like to see in Season 2? Leave all your thoughts and comments down below. Thanks for reading, and see you next time.


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