First Look at ‘Spirit Riding Free’ Season 8 & ‘Trolls’ Season 6

Review Ethan / 2023-01-01 05:09:10

Trolls and The Beat Goes On will return in April 2019, as well as two Dreamworks series! The Beat Goes On returns for its sixth season, and Spirit Riding Free will return for season 8. Here’s your first look at both of the new series.

The series will be released throughout April, with Trolls Season 2 releasing April 9, and Spirit Riding Free April 5.

Trolls! Trolls!

Trolls is back on Netflix, continuing the adventures and music of the Trolls.

The last 6 episodes were added to Netflix in January and we’re once again expecting either 6 or 7 new episodes to make up season 6.

Here’s how Dreamworks have pitched the sixth season:

Biggie starts a new dance trend, the Trolls try to out-gift Poppy, Branch and Creek get stuck together, and we learn more about Sky Toronto!

We also got a trailer for the new season and new screens.

These are exclusive images from the forthcoming season.

Don’t forget, the sequel movie to the 2016 Trolls! film will be available in the coming years. There’s no news of the seventh season of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! just yet but should we get a season 7, it’d likely be here by the summer.

Spirit Riding for Free (Season 8)

Watchers of Spirit Riding Free have had to wait a good 6 months for another 6 or 7 episodes of Spirit Riding Free to release on Netflix and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

Here’s the official synopsis of what we can expect in season 8 of Spirit Riding Free:

New adventures await the PALs this season as they face the changes of growing up. This talented cast includes the voice of Amber Frank (Emma’s Chance) as Lucky, Sydney Park (The Walking Dead) as Pru, Bailey Gambertoglio (Bubble Guppies) as Abigail, Darcy Rose Byrnes (The Young and the Restless) as Maricela, Nolan North (Deadpool) as Jim Prescott, and Kari Wahlgren (Rick ad Morty) as Aunt Cora.

Here are more screens from season 8

Do you look forward to the next two Dreamwork series on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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