‘Free Rein’ Season 3 is Coming to Netflix in July 2019

Review Ethan / 2022-12-07 20:07:45

After receiving a fast renewal by Netflix in 2018, Free Rein will be returning to Netflix for the third season.

While the Netflix Original Kids lineup is heavily animated, some of its most popular and loved titles include live-action titles. Greenhouse Academy is one example, but Free Rein is by far the most loved. This series is based in the United Kingdom. It follows an American girl who moves to England with her horse and becomes friends.

Although the series was originally scheduled for a year, it seems that things have moved faster since season 2. Season 1 was released on Netflix June 2017. Season 2 was released on Netflix July 2018.

Are you ready for Season 3?

Yes, season 3 was already renewed. It has been teased via social media. Wikipedia and IMDb both indicate that 10 more episodes are in the pipeline. There’s also supposed to be a special one-off episode too.

According to the main character of the show, filming is currently underway.

On February 1st, 2019, Netflix released a special Valentine’s Day episode for the show.

What time will the third season of Free Rein air on Netflix?

We waited for months and had a sneaking suspicion that season 3 might be added to Netflix. However, this did not happen.

We finally know the date of season 3 for Free Rein's June 2019 release. Netflix will release the third season on July 6, 2019. It’s releasing alongside a crowded month for Netflix Originals with the likes of Stranger Things season 3 releasing.

What to watch in the meantime…

If you like Free Rein, there are many other Netflix shows that should be watched. In the originals children lineup, we’d recommend Greenhouse Academy as it’s another superb young teen drama and The Worst Witch. We’d also suggest checking out Heartland too!

Do you look forward to the third season of Free Rein on Netflix? Please comment below.


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