French Netflix Comedy ‘Family Business’ Renewed for Season 2

Review Ethan / 2022-11-28 10:49:12

Family Business, the French Netflix Original Series from France that debuted on Netflix June 2019, is back for season 2 after it was renewed quickly. Here’s a look into what we know about season 2 of Family Business and some reasons you should be watching in case you’re not already.

France has made a variety of Netflix Originals with different success. Osmosis, the largest title in the region, has not yet seen a second season renewal. The Hook Up Plan, a fellow comedy, was quick to receive a renewal.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a mix between How to Sell Drugs Online that Netflix released recently, with a family drama/comedy like Dynasty and The Middle but also has elements of Breaking Bad to it as well. The show also has a lot in common with the Netflix Original Comedy Disjointed, which was quickly canceled.

After the announcement by the French government that the substance was being legalized, a down-on-his-luck family transforms their butcher shop to a marijuana shop.

Netflix launched the first season on May 28th in all 50 countries.

Is Family Business renewed for Season 2?

Yesterday's confirmation of the second season was announced via France's official Netflix Twitter account.

For those that don’t speak French here’s the Tweet translated:

Let’s go to the two sheets.

Family Business will return for season 2.

Netflix usually takes several months to decide whether or not to renew a series, but due to the popularity of the show here in France, Netflix decided to immediately start a second season.

What time will Family Business season 2 be available on Netflix?

It is currently assumed that Family Business season 2 will air sometime in 2020. If we had to guess, we’d say the series is going to keep to a yearly schedule despite only having six episodes which would mean we see season 2 arrive in Summer 2020.

Do you feel glad that Family Business, the French comedy Family Business will return for season 2 of its second season? Comment below.


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