‘Grand Army’ Season 2: Canceled After One Season at Netflix

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Netflix decided to cancel Grand Army after just one season, after waiting for several months. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise given the distinct lack of hype or attention the series garnered upon its release, not to mention the controversy surrounding series showrunner Katie Cappiello.

Grand Army, a Netflix Original series about coming-of age dramas, was created and written by Katie Cappiello. The series is an adaptation of Katie Cappiello’s 2013 play Slut: The Play. Beau Willimon, Joshua Donen are the producers of this series. Westward was responsible for the production.

Grand Army Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status Cancelled (Last Modified: 06/07/2021).

Netflix took several months before making a decision. However, Grand Army was cancelled after just one season.

Grand Army had made it into the Netflix top ten lists around the world, but it clearly it wasn’t popular enough for Netflix to deem it worthy of renewal.


What is likely the larger reason for cancelation is the controversy surrounding the production of the series which lead multiple writers to quit due to the alleged “racist exploitation and abuse” by series showrunner Katie Cappiello. Netflix may have chosen to cancel the series to help distance itself from the show’s controversy.

Were we to expect a second season in Grand Army?

Grand Army had a lot of information in its first season, which left many unanswered questions about the second season.

Joey is yet to be brought before the justice system after she was raped by Luke and George, her ex-best friends. Transferring schools to escape from the ordeal, it’s now up to Tim, who witnessed what went down, to help Joey. Luke and George might finally be held accountable if Tim is a witness.

joey grand army season 2 netflix

Odessa A’zion as Joey Del Marco – Copyright. Netflix

Owen, the gifted saxophonist missed his chance to perform a solo at Lincoln Center because of his part in a joke. Jayson was given the seat instead. Jayson used the opportunity to support Owen and taped his lips. He then raised his hand into the black power salute. We can expect to see some potentially serious reprecussions of Jayson’s actions, and the momentum of his protest could cause a large portion of the school student body to come out in support of Owen.

jayson owen grand army netflix season 2

Jaden Jordan as Owen William (left) and Maliq Johnson as Jayson Jackson (right)

Leila, out of all the students is the most confused. Leila was revealed to have been the one who faked a bomb threat and possibly cheated on Omar with Joey George. She also came across as racist despite standing up against bullies. Leila may be fired if it is discovered that she was involved in the bomb threat.

leila season 2 netflix

Amalia Yoo as Leila Kwan Zimmer – Copyright. Netflix

Dominque’s future is left in limbo after the reveal that she was caught cheating on a history exam. Dominque could lose her internship with Sisters Thrive this summer due to the repercussions of her actions. At the very least Dominque doesn’t have to worry about marrying someone she doesn’t know to ease her family’s money troubles, but those issues haven’t gone away, and her mother could easily change her mind in season two.

dominque season 2 netflix

(Center) Odley Jean as Dominique “Dom” Pierre – Copyright. Netflix

Poor Sid wasn’t given the opportunity to come out himself, and instead, it was his sister’s ex-boyfriend that outed him. Sid is the swimming team's star swimmer, which puts a lot pressure on him. But, Harvard has accepted his college application. Season 2 is likely to explore Sid’s sexuality and his budding romance with Victor, and the homophobia he may face at the hands of some of the students.

sid victor kiss grand army season 2 netflix

Amir Bageria as Siddhartha “Sid” Pakam (left)  and August Blanco Rosenstein as Victor Borin (right) – Copyright. Netflix

Grand Army Season 2 Netflix Release Date

With the series canceled, there’s little need to discuss when a hypothetical second season of Grand Army would arrive on Netflix.

Do you wish there was another season of Grand Army? Do you regret that Grand Army was canceled? Comment below to let us know your disappointment!


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