‘Hannibal’ Scheduled to Leave Netflix UK in September 2020

Review Ethan / 2022-07-31 14:29:59

The fan-favorite Hannibal has been watched by a large audience in 2020. This is thanks to Netflix expanding its streaming service to other regions. Hannibal will be leaving Netflix UK at the end September 2020. Here’s when it’s leaving, why it’s leaving, whether it could eventually stay, and what that could mean for any revival hopes.

Let's recap. Hannibal, a Sony Pictures series, aired for just three seasons on NBC. The series, which Bryan Fuller created and stars Mads Mikkelson as the lead character, rewinds time to show the beginning relationship between Hannibal Lecter (the doctor) and his patient.

Netflix Canada, Australia and the United States have all three seasons available.

Netflix UK is streaming the series longer than any of the others. The service has Hannibal since 2016. The Netflix service added seasons 1 through 3 to all three regions earlier in 2020.

Wannas Hannibal will leave Netflix UK?

Netflix UK will soon be removing all three seasons. There’s been no official reason as of yet for its removal date and doesn’t necessarily mean it will leave rather than it’s up for renewal and it’s down to Netflix and Sony to come to a new agreement.

As Netflix doesn’t own the show, it has to pay (in this case to Sony) for the temporary licensing rights to show the show on Netflix. Learn more about Netflix's licensing process here.

For now, you can assume that all three seasons will depart Netflix UK on the date specified unless we hear otherwise in which case we’ll update this article.

The series' popularity has increased since its inclusion to Netflix US earlier in the year. This renewed hopes for a revival, whether it be in TV or a movie. There has not been any official announcement despite speculations and rumors.

If the series does depart Netflix UK, that could spell the end for any revival hopes as Netflix typically revives shows where it can house all the back seasons as we’ve seen with the likes of Lucifer.

If Hannibal leaves Netflix UK, will you be missing it? Comment below.


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