‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ Season 1: Netflix K-Drama, Kim Tae-Hee Returns, Plot & Episode Release Dates

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With some great new K-Dramas available on Netflix, 2020 is already off to an excellent start. The new K-Drama on tvN, Hi bye Mama, is coming to you this February. Everything you need about Hi bye Mama is here! You can find the episode guide and cast list as well as information about the release date, episodes, plot and trailer.

Hello Mama! Kwon Hye Yoo, screenwriter for K-drama is creating a new Netflix Original K-drama series. Yoo Je Woon, of Oh My Ghostss as well as The Smile Has Leave Your Eyes is directing the series. In the new K-drama, Kim Tae-Hee will make her long-awaited return to the stage.

What time is it Hi bye Mama! Netflix coming soon?

Hi Bye Mama! - The premiere episode. On Sunday, February 23rd, Hi Bye Mama! will debut on Netflix.

Each week, two episodes of K-Drama are released on Mondays and Sundays.

How many episodes is Hi Bye Mama!??

The first season of the series will consist 16 episodes.

Every episode will last for an hour.

Goodbye Mama Episode release schedule

Mydramalist.com has confirmed that Mama, Say Goodbye! is now on tvN. The Hi Bye, Mama! series will air on TVN February 22, 2020.

Episode tvN Air Date Netflix Release Date
1 22/02/2020 23/02/2020
2 23/02/2020 24/02/2020
3 29/02/2020 01/03/2020
4 01/03/2020 02/03/2020
5 07/03/2020 08/03/2020
6 08/03/2020 09/03/2020
7 14/03/2020 15/03/2020
8 15/03/2020 16/03/2020
9 21/03/2020 22/03/2020
10 22/03/2020 23/03/2020
11 28/03/2020 29/03/2020
12 29/03/2020 30/03/2020
13 04/04/2020 05/04/2020
14 05/04/2020 06/04/2020
15 11/04/2020 12/04/2020
16 12/04/2020 13/04/2020

How does Hi Bye Mama play out? Season 1

Hi Bye Mama! The synopsis for Hi Bye, Mama! is:

Cha Yu Ri, her husband of five years, has been struggling to make it to the next stage since his wife's death. Jo Kang Ha, her husband and a skilled chest surgeon who barely got over his wife's death, married again two years ago. However, his loving, kind personality has dramatically changed. Cha Yu Ri, determined to make herself a human again begins a 49 day reincarnation process and is presented before her husband for first time in five year.

Promotional poster for Hi Bye, Mama! – Copyright. tvN

Hi Bye Mama! cast: Who are they? Season 1

These cast members were confirmed to appear on the debut season of Hi Bye, Mama!:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Cha Yoo-Ri Kim Tae-Hee A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House | IRIS | Young Pal
Jo Kang-Hwa Lee Kyu-Hyung Doctor John | Life | Goblin
Oh Min-Jung Go Bo-Gyeol Arthdal Chronicles | The Hymn of Death | Queen for Seven Days
Jo Seo-Woo Seo Woo-Jin *Debuting in Hi Bye, Mama!*
Jeon Eun-Sook Kim Mi-Kyung Go Back Couple | Marry Me Now | My Strange Hero
Cha Moo-Poong Park Soo-Young Children of Nobody | Come and Hug Me | My Mister
Cha Yeon-Ji Kim Mi-Soo Drama Festa: Human Luwak
Ko Hyun-Jung Shin Dong-Mi The K2 | Avengers Social Club | Doctor John
Midongaek Yoon Sa-Bong Arthdal Chronicles | Partners for Justice | Tomorrow With You
Jang Pil-Seung Lee Shi-Woo *Debuting in Hi Bye, Mama!*

This will be actress Kim Tae-Hee’s first role in almost five years. This South Korean actress became a huge star in the late 2000s and early 2010. It is thought that she took a break acting in order to spend more time with her family. She has two children, Rain, a Korean musician.

Are you Mama? become Korea's highest-rated Korean-drama

There’s a great chance that Hi Bye, Mama! It will be the most-watched cable-television drama ever. Kim Tae-Hee's return is huge and many eyes will be focused on the K-Drama.

Kim Tae-Hee’s popularity with her fans is much credit to her acting skill and her beauty. In the early 2010s, she was ranked as South Korea’s most beautiful woman by numerous different sources. It is possible that we will see her acting again, so it's likely that another TVN drama could be in the Top Ten of Korean Dramas on Cable Television.

If it wants to be crowned the number one series, Sky Castle must beat JTBC's drama. Sky Castle received a staggering 23.799% rating in its season finale. Sky Castle has been the only cable-television drama that has surpassed 20% ratings to date.

Will you be watching Kim Tae-Hee’s return in Hi Bye, Mama!? Comment below to let us know!


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