‘High Seas’ Season 4 Canceled at Netflix Even After Initial Renewal

Review Ethan / 2022-10-18 01:36:56

High Seas (or Alta Mar as it’s known in Spanish regions) will not be returning for season four on Netflix. According to Spanish reports, season 3 of this spanish period drama will be its last. Here’s why Netflix isn’t continuing with the show and we look back at the history of the series too.

Let’s quickly recap the show’s history. This period drama was one of many shows Netflix ordered from Spain.

Two women set out on an ocean cruise from New York to Rio de Janeiro. But all is not well when they are confronted by a string of brutal murders. High Seas, originally intended to be a 2-season series, was pushed beyond its initial storyline by popularity.

The series comes from Spanish production house Bambú Producciones who is also behind other shows such as Instinto for Movistar, Enel Corredor de la Muerte and El Caso Alcasser.


High Seas Season 4: What's the deal?

Altar Mar (High Seas), was originally renewed for the third and fourth seasons. Bluper, a Spanish entertainment news portal affiliated to El Espanol reported the news in October 2019. There are reportedly sixteen more chapters in development.

Bluper reported shortly before the third season of The Cable Girls arrived on Netflix early 2020 that Bluper had cancelled plans for a fourth season. Bluper compares the story to one in which The Cable Girls also was supposed to receive an extra season, but it was also scrapped.

How did the renewal get cancelled? Some point to lack of marketing (a recurring criticism of Netflix) but the fourth season would’ve been filmed around the time COVID-19 came into play and that would’ve delayed High Seas production on season four into what could’ve been reserved for their new upcoming Netflix series (more on that in a second).

It could be that the interest in the show has dropped significantly and it is not worth keeping going.

While the IMDb score for season three was more positive, overall there was less interest.

Bambú Producciones is working on a new Netflix project

Good news: Netflix will soon have more High Seas shows.

Jaguar is the new title of Jaguar, and it will be released in 2021. It stars Blanca Suárez and is also a period drama but this time set in the 1960s. We’ll have a bigger preview on this series in due course.

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